Pledge to pre-order Flyleaf’s New Record!

Hello and welcome to the exclusive pre-order of our new album!
Here is where we take you on the journey: From day one in the studio straight thru to the record release show and beyond, here is where the magic will happen.

It’s quite simple really… this is a preorder. But one like no other. It’s where we’ll be dropping exclusive videos from the recording process and the road, where we’ll be streaming demos and finished tracks, where you’ll be able to download them, where we’ll be posting exclusive photos, blogs and more. The album will be officially released in the late Spring/ early Summer of 2014, but you’ll be the FIRST to get it!

You, our loyal fans, have meant the world to us. You’ve maintained allegiance through thick and thin, and through recent changes. Your faith has never wavered.

This is the best way that we can honor your allegiance. Releasing the album with your help and guidance, with open doors, and open arms.

“They” say the music industry is dead.

Let’s prove to THEM that with the power of true fans, the business of making music is alive and thriving.

Ready? xoxo Flyleaf

Click HERE to pledge. I just signed up for the liner notes one, and I’m sure I’ll do more soon. :D I can’t wait to see what sort of videos and exclusives we’ll get. The Christmas single “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear” sounds excellent and the new songs in the video posted on the page sound amazing. If it’s any indication what we’ll be getting when the new record arrives, I’m excited!

Congrats to all those who back Flyleaf for this album. And SUPER congrats to those who respect the band enough not to post the exclusives on twitter, tumblr and other sites on the internet. Although sharing is caring in most cases, it’s respectful to refrain from posting every song, video and exclusive on the web. It makes people not want to support the band if they can get it all for free. Thanks for understanding! <3

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