Interview: Flyleaf’s Pat Seals talks Kristen May, Who We Are and Black Jelly Beans

The difficulty of touring and especially promoting an album recorded with a different singer was not lost on the band, and they considered a number of options, before ending up with new EP, Who We Are. “We did consider whether we should put Kristen on one of the tracks, and push it to radio. But we figured, since we’re this far along, let’s just make some new music instead, and give the fans something fresh. (Who We Are) is a bit of a move forward. It’s still Flyleaf based, still guitar, bass and drums, still has loudness, but there’s also a pop based sensibility to it. The new EP has a song called “Something Better” on it, plus 5 live tracks, with Kristen singing, from the previous records.”

Now we don’t often get the chance to talk woodcarving during rock interviews, but it’s a passion for Pat which has also translated into the artwork. “Yes, welcome to the middle ages. My sister is a printmaker, and she introduced me to it, and i’ve been addicted to it ever since. It’s a good way to turn all my stupid ideas into something positive instead of talking someone’s ear off.”

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  1. Carl Phelan

    This is an outstanding interview and it previews their new song and sound that is a little pop but is really good, listen to it and see what you think, Later Carl

  2. Carl Phelan

    The long anticipated book about the Flyleaf band will be released soon. The scheduled release will be around July 11th, 2013. Full details will be released in a Press Release to all media outlets at that time. The book was written by Carl Phelan, AKA Bill Simrod, the Grandfather of Flyleaf guitarist Jared Hartmann
    . Watch for the announcement soon!!


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