Something Better + Who We Are EP!

As Flyleaf gear up for the kickoff of their summer co-headlining tour with P.O.D., the band has something special to share with their fans. On July 9, Flyleaf will unleash ‘Who We Are,’ a new EP of live songs recorded during the band’s recent tour with their new singer Kristen May.

The five song release mixes the best of old-school Flyleaf like ‘Sorrow’ from their 2005 self-titled release with new songs like ‘Broken Wings’ from 2012?s ‘New Horizons.’ The EP also features a studio version of the new song ‘Something Better’ with very special guest Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. lending a hand.

The band recently commented on their forthcoming EP, sharing their excitement about working with Sandoval on the song. “The live tracks came from our 2013 Winter tour with Drowning Pool. ‘Something Better’ is one of the first songs we wrote with Kristen May. It was an awesome experience writing together! Plus, having Sonny from P.O.D. on this track was really special. We’ve been fans of theirs for years, and it was an honor to do this collaboration. We think y’all will love it!”

Listen to the new song HERE!! I personally love it! It’s a lot different than what we’re used to, which is to be expected. Such upbeat, happy vibes. Great song, guys! :]

3 thoughts on “Something Better + Who We Are EP!

  1. Carl Phelan

    This is the first song that was written with new lead singer Kristen May, this wiol give past, present and future fans of Flyleaf an insight into their new adventure into the rock music scene. Blessing to all, Varl Phelan AKA Bill Simrod

  2. Edjane

    Something Better is a good song, but lost a bit of Rock n Roll Heavy. Hopefully you do not change to a version Paramore. Because we like you because of heavy sound and touching lyrics you write. And you are a religious rock band ever forget that, please! We need bands like you who bring God’s love to people Indepentes your style.


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