Flyleaf is going to AUSTRALIAAA!

Awesome news for those of you down under…Flyleaf is coming to play some shows for you!

August 15, 2013 The Hifi
Brisbane, Australia

August 16, 2013 The Hifi
Melbourne, Australia

August 17, 2013 Metro
Sydney, Australia

Click here to get your tickets!

2 thoughts on “Flyleaf is going to AUSTRALIAAA!

  1. Carl Phelan

    Flyleaf went to Australia ind February and March of 2007 and played 5 cities, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. The book by Bill SDimrod about the Flyleaf Band is about to be released in another month or sol. The name of the book is, “Flyleaf Spreads Their Wings”, this is a self=published book that will be distributed by Create Space a division of

  2. Kayla

    I am so excited! My ticket came in the mail last week. I discovered Flyleaf a month after they left Australia in 2007 and I’ve been waiting so patiently since then. This is going to be so amazing! :D


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