Katy & Kirby Caldwell App <3

Flyleaf is a family, sharing values, concerns, and mutual goals. Here’s a really easy way for you to support us, simply by using our new Impact Shopping program. Every time you shop online, for clothes, music, gifts, …anything, you can help Flyleaf and our work. The merchant where you shop will pay us a % for every sale that comes through our program. With all our fans pulling together that can really make a difference. One cause that is close to all Flyleaf hearts is helping Rich Caldwell’s family. When Rich died last year we made a commitment to help support Katy and her son Kirby, including a scholarship fund to assure that future educational needs are covered. Use the Flyleaf Fan App and you will be helping us reach this goal.

Click *here* to download the app. I downloaded it for my browser, and I can confirm that it’s free and completely safe. So help out this awesome family, and download it. It’s the very least we can do!

One thought on “Katy & Kirby Caldwell App <3

  1. Carl Phelan

    Flyleaf will appreciate all the support that they can get and will be eternally grateful for all who will participate. . Flyleaf’s music is honest, on message, passionate, fulfilling and life changing to people of all walks of life around the whole wide world. Respectfully, Carl Phelan AKA Bill Simrod


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