A summary of everything // personal post.

A lot of people have asked what’s going on with this site, and where I’ve been. I wrote up a post detailing my thoughts, feelings, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Feel free to read it if you’re curious

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  1. reginafilangie

    Thank you for the update on the status and future of this site as well as the personal post sharing your experiences with the band and your perspectives on Lacey's departure and Kristen's involvement. I really appreciate your sensitivity to the band as well as your honesty and leadership within the Flyleaf fan community. It seems much is changing within the community, with band changes, flyleaffans going down and flyeafonline slowing down its pace so I feel I should perhaps articulate now something to you I've felt for a long time, as I don't know if the chance will come by again.

    Brittany, I have the utmost respect for your commitment to the vision of Flyleaf and the selflessness, wisdom and gentle leadership you have displayed in the extent I have known/seen you in the virtual world through flyleafonline, flyleaffans.com and the band's street team. Your heartfelt desire to honour this band and ultimately the band's vision, of demonstrating and dispersing the love of God to all, has always left an impression on me and challenged me to question what honour truly looks like. I have always appreciated and been impressed by your sensitivity, wisdom and maturity in your leadership roles within the Flyleaf community. Thank you for putting in the emotions, time and finances to sustain a Flyleaf community, to develop and expand Flyleaf's network and maintain respect, honesty and integrity throughout it all. I have truly been blessed by your contributions; I would not have discovered Flyleaf had it not been for your signature on evboard in 2003 nor would I have had the opportunity to hear the band's music back then, in a time where youtube wasn't around, if it had not been for the concert bootlegs on flyleafonline. The messages and heart behind this band has moved me from the day I discovered the band and you played a significant part in that journey with the websites, news, downloads, etc. Thank you. I pray that as we all go forward with life and adjust to the changes life brings, we continue to remain faithful and unashamedly honest about the very core of what Flyleaf is about and about that which has fueled the hearts of many within the Flyleaf community: the healing and transforming power of Jesus Christ and His redeeming love available for all, demonstrated by His sacrifice for our death.

    – reginafilangie

    1. Carl Phelan

      Reginafilange wad and still is one of the most devoted fans of the band. She has been supporting them when they were Passerby and still supports them with Flyleaf. She is one of those rare fans that very few bands will have. She has been an integral part of the success of this band through the years. I personally would like to express my eternal appreciation for her sincerity and faithfulness. Respectfully, Carl Phelan AJA Bill Simrod

  2. mishel

    Cherish all of that, and keep it close to your heart. As long as you do, you’ll never lose anything.

    So true and beautifully written. Thank you, Brittany, a lot. for what you've done and what you're doing.

  3. Stephanie R

    Thank you for posting this, it was absolutely touching and so beautiful. I love reading things like this, and I will miss this site so much. However, as you said, it isn't the end; just merely the start to what will certainly be a new and exciting chapter for Flyleaf. :)

  4. Rhia

    This has always been the Flyleaf site for me; such a wonderful group of people with big hearts and mutual appreciation for the music and more importantly its message. Every story I've heard is so heartwarming- a constant reminder to be brave and honest. I got all my favorite flyleaf news from this site! The tour dates for the concerts I attended, the endless archive of images dating back to when I had first caught a glimpse of the band, annoucning Memento Mori, collaborations, World Vision, the Unite and Fight Tour, in-depth interviews, letters from Lacey, cracking up at the guys leaving messages on SayNow, previewing the track titles before album releases, using the flyleafonline radio as a substitute for iTunes.. it's been great! I'll keep checking in as always.

  5. Liz

    Im disappointed. I love Flyleaf. I love Lacey. I know they all have their own lives and moving on is fine. Possibly great. What i have a problem with, with any band, is when the singer leaves and they dont change the name of the band. If the drummer, guitarist, basist leaves thats one thing. But when the singer leaves or dies you need to change the name of the band. They are the one fronting the band. They are the face of the band. the sound. I HATE that a new chick is singing their songs. I support beautiful Lacey though.

    1. Rhia

      Hmm….I have to disagree. Each member of Flyleaf plays a key role in all aspects of the music. They may function best as a whole, and although guitar notes can be repeated easier than vocals, if Sameer or Jared were to leave we would never hear their evolving creative influence again, regardless of if a new guitarist learned the old notes. Lacey's story, perspective, writing, attitude, faith, honesty, and devotion impacted me personally, and for that I am eternally in awe and gratitude; however, if Flyleaf were to lose any other member I know I could find just as many reasons to feel heartbroken and miss them too; they are all Flyleaf.

  6. Jake

    did anyone else actualy listen to 'Bury your heart'? im pretty sure its about howard benson, I've seen Quite afew interview with heer hinting around that they didn't really get along well because she's christan and hes jewish. thats sad on both ends but yea.

    "There's blood on the tracks again
    By what you're selling them

    You know it breaks my heart
    It breaks my heart
    I hate to see you drown in a sea of bills
    Where did you bury all that
    Precious, precious gold
    Gold, gold, bones, bones
    Under platinum headstones
    Gold, gold, bones, bones
    Under platinum headstones

    Where did you bury your heart?"

    I wonder what he thought while he was producing this song?!
    any thoughhts?

    1. jake

      sorry i messed up, she says:

      "Do you buy or buy what your selling them"

      but that means- do you believe or support what your selling.

    2. Rhia

      That's a really interesting idea! For me though, I think there is a more broad message in the song; I doubt that it's aimed personally at Howard. They've had their disagreements, and he's produced excellent music with them..as they grew as musicians they gained control over the direction their songs go when they enter the studio. I believe "tonight we'll need our souls & not that gold" is in reference to people who bury their hearts in greed/monetary riches, wasting away to the bone – starving their souls. something like that perhaps :)


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