Flyleaf Concert for Rich Caldwell

Even though a couple of weeks have passed, it still hasn’t really sunk in that Rich is no longer with us, and it’s never easy to find the right words to honor the life of someone who impacted so many folks. I’ve known Rich Caldwell going on 7 years now. He was a truly friendly, caring and hilarious individual. It was always smiles and laughter with Rich around, and never a dull moment. He was the brightness and life of every situation wherever I saw him. On April 19, he passed away in a car accident, leaving behind Katy and their 2 year old son Kirby Caldwell. Over the years, I grew to know and love the Caldwell family so much. They’re not only such an integral part in what Flyleaf does, but just an amazing set of people. Please lift their family up in prayer right now.

Flyleaf will be doing a benefit show to raise money for the Caldwell family. It will be held on May 20, 2012 in Dallas at The Palladium Ballroom. I’m going to try my best to fly to Dallas for it to help with what I can, so hopefully I will see some of y’all there. Whether you’re going to the show or not, you can donate via Please read below for further details.

May 1, 2012 — Platinum-selling alternative hard rock quintet FLYLEAF will gather fans for a special benefit concert in honor of their longtime soundman Rich Caldwell on May 20, 2012 at The Palladium Ballroom in Dallas, TX. Sponsored by 102.1 The Edge, KDGE, tickets go on sale for the show May 4, 2012.

Everything the group does is out of love and passion, and this night stands emblematic of that. Caldwell was in a fatal car accident near his home in College Station, TX. As soon as the band heard the news, they wanted to do something to both honor his memory and raise money in order to support his family. Caldwell is survived by his wife Katy and two-year-old son Kirby. All proceeds from the show will go directly to Katy and Kirby aiding them in the aftermath of this tragedy.

For FLYLEAF, their friend and brother’s light still shines brilliantly. Beyond his talents behind the board, he was a crucial part of the band’s family. They did everything together, and his spirit and memory will forever be a part of FLYLEAF.

About Caldwell, singer Lacey Sturm comments with a heavy heart, “Rich was our brother. His life and love have forever changed the world for the better. From the first showcase we played, every heart we touched with Flyleaf’s music was as much Rich’s victory as it was any band member’s. There is not one person behind the scenes, or on stage, who deserves to be honored more than Rich Caldwell. I’m only sorry that the honor we are giving is so overdue. We will never sound the same. We will never be the same. We can only pray that we will continue our lives with Rich’s fearlessness and passion that changed the world into a more hopeful, enchanting, glorious, and adventurous place. When we commit to this, then this part of Rich’s impact continues beyond his death. Rich loved following Jesus… not in some phony religious way that sucks the life out of everything, but in genuine awe of God and His creation… in following Jesus who gave His life for the whole world and especially loved on the outcast and forgotten, the broken hearted and needy… Let’s start here as a group, and care for Rich’s wife, Katy and their son Kirby, who are mourning the loss of their hero… Pure religion is this, to care for widows and orphans.. James 1:27”

Guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya echoes that sentiment, “It’s hard to believe that this is real. Rich was like the sixth member of Flyleaf. He was our brother and dear friend. We’re here for Katy and Kirby, our family. We want to help in any way we can.”

Please come out and remember Rich Caldwell with FLYLEAF on May 20, 2012.

With Caldwell on their minds and in their hearts, FLYLEAF is currently in the midst of recording their follow-up to 2009’s Memento Mori due in stores this summer via A&M/Octone Records.

To donate to Rich’s family please visit

For further press inquires, please contact:

Krissy Laux at A&M/Octone Records / 646-845-1700

34 thoughts on “Flyleaf Concert for Rich Caldwell

  1. Melissa

    I won't be able to attend the show, but I do plan on buying a ticket because I know it will go to the Caldwell's…

  2. Travis Maloney

    hey guys!! i just wanted to let you guys and Katy and her son Kirby that i donated for you! my heart goes out for your loss!!!! you have my love and support!!! wish i can be at that show but i live in pittsburgh pa!! i will be thare in spirit!!!!!! much love and support from me and pittsburgh pa!!! love Travis Maloney

  3. Dulce

    Hi! i am very sorry for the Caldwell's lost… am trying to convince my mom to led me go to the concert, so far is a yes.

  4. StephT

    I still can't believe he's gone either. I never knew a kinder person. Still can't bring myself to delete his number from my phone… Thank you Rich for being such a genuine and loving man.

  5. Franklin

    I'm sorry to say I did not get any footage. However, I will inform y'all of what went down.

    Flyleaf played the following songs (not exactly in order):
    All Around Me
    This Close
    So I Thought
    A cover of a song whose title I cannot remember for the life of me (they said Rich always listened to it in the sound booth)
    Something I Can Never Have
    I'm So Sick
    New Horizons
    Fully Alive
    How He Loves Us

    There were a few slip ups here and there, but overall, it was a fantastic, emotional night. Rich's parents were right behind me the entire time (and I actually think I saw Brittany there a few times), and they had tears in their eyes for the majority of the concert. I missed most of the first band's set, but I watched Aeroview (local band) and Ryan White perform, and they both did phenomenally. It was an amazing experience, and I could definitely feel Rich's spirit in the room.

  6. Rhia

    New Horizons:
    i think this is the first verse
    "so you're tired but you're alive, so open up your eyes, and you can get your sleep when you lie dead, kill the clock inside your head…" and near the end, "the times keep going wrong, and we go right"
    i love it :) so stoked that it's the single!!

  7. Rhia

    ^ I hadn't seen it! What a cool interview. I'm glad the interviewer made sure to ask what really happened when she lost her voice; I hear so many fans say that Lacey had throat tumors and had to get surgery. Just needed to rest her voice ! She came back stronger than ever. I am soooo excited for the new album. Literally can't wait for the release date! ^-^

  8. Rhia

    ohh yeah, i remember that interview. well, she said a doctor told her there was a tumor but then nothing showed up the next time that she was examined. so it was probably something else, thank god! :)) i think around the end of the family values tour her voice was pretty strained, and for the next couple of years it got weaker..remember in 2008 she could hardly scream? once they took that break to record memento mori is when it seemed to be completely healed.
    eep i wonder when the single will be out o.o

    1. Laura

      I think the main strain was the White Rabbit show when the power went out but she still sang her heart out along with screaming. :/ I bet when they practice more and she starts doing her warm ups, she'll be just fine :)

  9. Mitch

    2 things ….

    1) this website needs to be updated so much more frequently.

    2) Lacey is leaving to be with her husband and son. New Horizons will be the last album featuring her voice, and she will not be touring with Flyleaf anymore.


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