Lacey’s Song & Lovesick BTS

Thanks Rhia!

48 thoughts on “Lacey’s Song & Lovesick BTS

  1. Adam

    Does anyone else have the audio of the other? I know Dirick does but I haven’t seen anything yet… so Dirick, if you’re reading this, please put the other audio on youtube. Thanks :)

  2. Rhia

    the lyrics are very simple, but i was just so excited to see her playing guitar and singing again. the chorus is my favorite part.
    anyone know who was doing backup vocals/piano?

    1. Rhia

      definitely. it isn't flyleaf without all five of them, but she's an artist on her own too. they said it'd be lacey sturm, and that's what we got ^-^

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    1. ariseandbe

      it was released. it failed. it was super upsetting. so lets forget about it. and be excited for their next full length. im going to assume they are going into the studio this winter and releasing it early next summer. that also means new material live, a single in the spring, and awesomeness all around!

  4. Adam

    From what I understand, they tracked a few songs and they are ready for album release (not a demo). So maybe a single very soon? And I heard somewhere that they were going to start touring when the new album comes out, and the tour may start Jan – March.

  5. Adam

    Lacey sang Born Again (by third day) gave about a 12 minute speech, then sang a faster version of the reason, which for some reason was longer than the regular. I can really see it (with the right instruments) being the next “This Close” or “Fully Alive”

  6. Adam

    Dirick – I’m uploading it to youtube right now. Can you please email me the audio for Jesus, All For Jesus (from Rock the Range)? awgaupp (at) aol (dot) com. Thank you.

  7. Jake

    You know, I've been thinking about it for awhile now.
    "Arise" was supose to be made for us (the fans) right?

    If it realy is a single i dont see why the Fans of Flyleaf dont just come together and make the music video For Flyleaf?
    Anybody see what I'm trying to say here? If Flyleaf like the idea then hell I sure have some good ideas for a video.
    I think if the whole "legal" side of it is taken care of and we get the ok, I would even donate money to make it happen.

    Arise is such a Great song and it would be the Perfect ending to Momento Mori, Am I right?

  8. Chloe

    Maybe a really simple fan video could be made, Jake? Fans could submit photos/videos of themselves living their dreams, or perhaps something that is akin to Seether's Fine Again video or The All-American Rejects' Dirty Little Secret? Just a thought :o)


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