Lacey at Rock the Range // lovesick

Lacey is performing tonight at Rock the Range at 6:30pm EST. Watch it live here!

Lace is also modelling for Hot Topic for a brand called lovesick.

16 thoughts on “Lacey at Rock the Range // lovesick

  1. Adam

    Hopefully someone recorded the stream, as I didn’t realize that Lacey was on so early I missed everything except the last minute of The Reason.

    And WOOT for new post!

    1. John

      Possibly. On Twitter, the band has posted some pictures of their new recording studio, some of which they're working on music in. There's also a video on YouTube of the band in the studio:

      From their Twitter page:

      "we're in the midst of writing and recording demos. Flyleaf should be recording our new record this autumn. -Sameer"

      "We like to have 25+ solid songs to choose from. The more the better! Luckily, writing songs is a favorite pass-time :)"

      "Lacey's baby is doing great! We're in the midst of writing and compiling songs for the new album. -Sameer"


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