Download to Donate for Haiti

Could it be a new post? Yes, yes I think it is.

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  1. robert

    it's so sad that it's still such a mess there, I agree we need to hang in there and not forget them !

    I want to pass on an idea,
    my church singles group usually goes out to eat after church, and we started bringing a sack lunch the first sunday of the month, then donating whatever we would have spent on lunch to a world need. then spending some time praying for them as well.
    also, does anyone know how long the texting "unite" to 20222
    will go ?? Robert

  2. Michaela

    "Passion means suffering and compassion means suffering together. Suffering produces perseverance and perseverance produces character and character produces hope. And that lifts people up, knowing they're not alone."
    — Lacey Mosley

  3. Andrew

    omgomg their new tweet says their gonna start to record demos for the new record soon!

    i'm ready to start the freaking out over new music cycle again.

      1. ariseandbe

        guys, they said they were building a studio to record. lacey is having a baby. she will have to take care of it. its not like she is gunna have it and the band will be back together. sure, maybe the boys will get stuff done, but i mean lacey will have a new 24 hour job. i dont think they'll get to record demos for another 6 months or so, we just got an EP and Memento Mori isnt that old. from the Memento Mori Era, we got about 26 songs, so dont get your hopes up. the last time(before RTL) they did demos, we only got like 2 of them, and that was out of like 7 at the time, and in the end they did about 30, and we got a few of them on Memento Mori's bonus disk. so even if they start to demo stuff, that doesn't mean we will hear it when they do it. we might not have new material for like 3 years. so dont get your hopes up.

        1. Andrew

          i know, i was excited at the fact that there's gonna be new material period. i thought lacey might not want to be in the band after having a baby.

  4. Rhia

    that's such a good point she's making. a lot of people forget about problems after they stop hearing about them on the news. even new orleans is still struggling after katrina, and that was years ago. i'm glad flyleaf is giving attention to important matters.
    and yay! more music? :D i don't care if they wait until her baby is all grown up, i'd still be happier than ever to hear more of their music. <3

    1. robert

      2 posts off the facebook page :)
      "Catching a plane today to meet up with the whole band and write music together. #Excited -Jared"

      "Having a great time hanging out and writing with the band. For those of you wondering, Lacey is doing great. – Jared"

      1. Adam

        Can music sound like Godzilla stomping through your brain? After today's session I'm convinced the answer is yes. -Sameer


  5. The Nanny

    I'm kinda sad that they are working on new material. what happened to having a normal life? I figured they would want to take a longer break before coming back into the "spot life" of Flyleaf. :/

    1. Tameka

      i agree, i love how they love us fans but i wish they could see we love them too and we will understand if they cant do much. They deserve to take a break and live a normal life for a while because if anyone else is a fan like i am, then we aren't going anymore. :)

      1. Rhia

        music is their PASSION :D

        they always take time off when they need to. they're all mature enough to know when they need a break, and committed enough to know when they need to get together and work on some songs. it's not like they're releasing tour dates or anything. they're doing what they love, whether that's normal or not. :)

        1. stepht

          I agree! They know when to take breaks. Selling music is how they all make a living. It's also what they love to do. The band knows how to prioritize. Lacey and Josh wont put the band before their baby.

  6. dark_wings

    I know it’s not the right topic to talk about it but i can’t get over it!!!!!
    ok, here we go….

    Flyleaf has been nominated to the Dove Awards this year in the category best rock album with Memento Mori!!!!!!

    I’m so excited and once again…..sorry because it wasn’t the post where it has to be written this BIG new!!!!

  7. Jake

    In the booklet for Flyleaf's 2nd album 'Memento Mori' Which side is evil, Black or White?

    Becuase on the cover, Lacey is in the middle of the dark, with the General (White) looking at her. I know the story just am not sure of the sides???

        1. zacharyevan

          She had it? Are you sure? Cause I thought they would announce it when she did have him..but there's been no news on facebook or anything..

  8. Melissa

    I sent Brittany a link to an interesting article I found today..hopefully she sees it and updates the site with more information about it. :)

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  10. Annie G

    over @ youtbe on the flyleaf army site theres a vidoe of a tribute to James Culpepper he died!!!! and it was an april fols joke. really???

  11. Ethan Prantle

    I was in Haiti back in December on a mission trip it was an amazing experience we helped at a orphanage building a school and laying tile in there clinic and just helping with whatever we could I pray for them everyday and think about all the kids there they were just so thankful for everything they had and they never complained about anything it was a life changing experience…

      1. courtney

        i found it on tumblr. i think it was the same night that she met gene simmons. that picture was at on their twitter. :)


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