Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday. To celebrate Christmas Flyleaf style, I added a “Christmas Mix” playlist on the FlyleafOnline radio that has their 4 Christmas songs on it. Love you guys!

32 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. steph

    Thanks Brittany…Merry Christmas and I wish your day to be filled with faith, hope,family and friends!!!!!!Enjoy YOur Day!!!!

  2. Drew8D

    Merry Christmas, Brittany! Thanks to you and Laura for bringing us the coolest gift of all year-'round: Flyleaf news! I rest easier at night knowing there are others as obsessed as I am. <3

    And I hope everyone else in our wonderful community has a merry Christmas as well.

  3. robert

    thanks for putting together the Christmas tunes, hey Brittany, I sent you a couple
    emails but never heard back from you, did you get them ? Robert

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  5. Dustin

    Merry Christmas! Love you guys! PS. "How he loves" is amazing! :) I think it highlights Flyleaf success throughout this year and we can anticipate what else Flyleaf has to offer for the years to come! Happy Holidays! <3

  6. reginafilangie

    Thank you for all that you, at flyleafonline, do for us. Your dedication, hard work and love is so very much appreciated. You guys create a warm community. I am thankful to be a part of this community. Thank you.

  7. Remember_Jackie

    This website sucks. I can't stand Brittany, Laura, and Dirick. Please cancel the website. And I hope Flyleaf stops playing. <3 Jackie ;)

    1. Jenn

      and i hope you drive your car into a nice big pool of hydrochloric acid :) lets see who gets what they want first.

    2. Remember_Jackie

      Lol of course I was joking…Laura and Dirick have helped me through some tough crap. And Brittany is just amazing.

  8. Kayla

    I found in this article that Robb Flynn of Machine Head is a big flyleaf fan and he lists Flyleaf as his #4 most listened to band of 2010! Here is what he says:

    "4. Flyleaf, Flyleaf & Memento Mori – My personal views are pretty much the polar opposite of what this band stands for, and yet, Lacey’s voice absolutely mesmerizes me, it hypnotizes me. The guitar melodies, the Robert Smith-guitar tones… wow. Saw them live for the first time this year and had a non-religeous-religious experience. Check out “Circle” and “So I Thought.”"

    Article link:

  9. Adam

    Just a quick question… has Lacey ever said if they would release the version of Set Apart This Dream that's in the end of the regular song?

    1. Laura

      No, she has not clarified if they would or not.
      I would place my bets on the idea that it won’t be released. They don’t tend to release demos very often, if at all.
      The old/original version sounds like it would be an interesting listen, though.

        1. ariseandbe

          it could be from the demo, or it could be from the version Howard recorded with them but then took out. i think its a nice transition from SATD to Swept Away

    1. Michaela

      I doubt. Idont know but I think he will be born in february or in march.
      and perhaps they will let us know via facebook

  10. Makayla Montani

    I love your music tell me when u come out with a new album =) your biggest fan ever since i was 10 (now 17) so yeah give me a buzz


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