You’ve experienced it at Flyleaf’s shows on the Unite & Fight Tour; you’ve seen the clips on Youtube, and just in time for the holidays you can have it all for yourself! On December 21st, Flyleaf’s recording of “How He Loves” will be available at your favorite online retailer. Stay tuned for more updates and links!

SOOOOO EXCITED FOR HOW HE LOVES! You can tell by my usage of caps lock. If this is the only thing I got for Christmas, that’d be cool with me. :] Winner for the HHL contest will be announced Thursday night! We’ve also decided to do a few runners up. First place will win Beneath the Surface, Remember to Live and a free iTunes gift download of How He Loves, and the 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive Remember to Live. Stay tuneeeeeed. :D

20 thoughts on ““HOW HE LOVES” COMING 12/21!

        1. Nici

          Yes, I know^^ that's why the copies are ridiculously expensive and it takes ages to ship, but still, you can get it somehow
          and it's release digitally…

  1. Adam

    HHL May NOT be a studio version…
    Directly from a Flyleaf Email:
    During our live show, we close our set with John Mark McMillan's, "How He Loves." In response to so many fans requesting this song, we've recorded Flyleaf's live version from the Unite & Fight tour which will be released as a separate track for you on iTunes on 12/21.

    1. ariseandbe

      its obviously a good live track, its gunna sound probs just as good as the Im So Sick and Pride sounded from the Family Values tour, those sound just as good as studio quality songs, so never fear!

    2. Adam

      Although, now that I think about it, because it IS a live version(AFAIK) then fans will probably be requesting a Studio Version for the next album or EP…

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