1. Kaya

    So perfect can't even describe it!!!!! XDDD
    Sad that they won't start doing anything again until october but I'm sure this can hold us up until then.. =)

  2. jon

    i think the music player broken lol. it won't play anymore. i guess everyone's been playing it. can't wait to get the CD

  3. Tiffany

    Currently listening to it. Wow…there are absolutely NO words to describe how amazingly beautiful it is. I'm gonna explode and cry now x) wow…<3

  4. Tiffany

    Just finished listening to it. Cried. Wow. Perfection, yes? Some of my very favorite stuff they've done so far. I'm so happy for them, Lacey and her husband Josh.

    My favorites: Dear My Closest Friend and Light In Your Eyes.


  5. beautifullikewords

    It's a really awesome EP. Who sings the background vocals on "Okay"? And when I was listening to "Okay" I kept half-expecting "Tina" to suddenly start lol. Lacey's voice is beautiful.

  6. michael

    Everything was great, but what was up wtih Arise? the beginning was totally unexpected, and her voice sounded so technologic. Lacey doesnt need her voice edited! I am kinda disappointed with that one song, i loved Arise the way it was.
    But other than that, it was realy good. Awesome in fact for an EP. Light IN YOur Eyes was really Beautidul and Amy Says has to be one of the best songs on there. Okay was good too. Cant wati to but it!!!

  7. Arthur

    Okay and dmcf sound amazing cant wait to blast this album in my ears. I cried when i listend to dmcf thats how awsome that song is.

  8. Rebecca

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned this, but "Light In Your Eyes" and "Believe In Dreams" aren't on there. Is everyone else experiencing this, or is it just me?

    1. Shelley

      You have to go under the player where it says "more albums" and click on the "Remember to Live" CD. Then it should have all seven songs present on the player.

      1. Rebecca

        Wow, thank you! I figured it was on there SOMEWHERE, but I just couldn't find it. Time to go back and listen to the whole thing!

  9. Kat

    My favourite is OKAY – it's awesome, love that one! And love Pat's vocal in it:) LIYE and DMCF are amazing too! But I don't like what they did with Arise! Intro and Lacey's voice, erhh… She doesn't need to edit her voice…

  10. Dustin

    Okay is definitely my favorite out of all of them. <3 "God will hear and save us."
    Dear My Closest comes in second…and it's amazing.
    I love how I can relate in some way to all of their songs.

  11. ParalyzingSilence

    It's incredible!! okay is my favorite. The dark horse for me was light in your eyes. When I heard the preview of it I thought it was prob gonna be my least favorite, but i like it a lot, especially the end. All the songs just came out great and all the changes to the songs were for the better. Can't wait for Tues! and for HHL

  12. Hayley

    I wished Flyleaf could make more heavier songs cuz Remember To Live kinda lacks that, however I still like Okay, Amy Says and Dear My Closest Friend. When are they going to remake Broken Wings? SERIOSULY! that song deserves the attention!

        1. Kat

          I had this problem too, but I found RTL in another place. I just wanna listening ^^. . But it's sad that THIS is on the internet earlier than the 7th December to download;/.

    1. Adam

      Sounds like they just plain hate flyleaf… a true fan would see how better this is(in vocals) than the original album, not annoyance in a blender.

    2. Drew8D

      I might have taken that review seriously if she knew how to pronounce Lacey's last name. Or if she offered any actual criticism other than, LOL THIS IS BORING.

    3. Jess

      The person can't even pronounce words correctly. They don't even know who Ben Moody is, so they obviously don't know that much about music. They said that the only track they enjoyed was Arise, which is the song that people have been disliking. I agree with Adam, they sound like they hate Flyleaf.

    4. Sarah

      this girl is a bitch. omg. I mean its ok to have an opinion, but what the hell.. The songs are amazing. Damn it. lol. sorry she pissed me off.

    5. Marty

      I wrote it on the video already, but I'll say it here too: that review is written worse than anything Flyleaf has written.

      1. Marty

        It's not even that I don't agree with her. In some instances, I do. She was just completely disrespectful with how she was expressing her criticism and it was a poorly written review to cap it off.

  13. Marty

    "Light In Your Eyes" is fantastic. "Arise (Ben Moody Mix)" really isn't bad, but it's nothing special. Would have preferred they put "How He Loves" on it, but some things about the mix work in my opinion.

  14. Arthur

    That review was crazy she was just being stupid. All the tracks are amazing some of the best music I’ve heard. Arise is alright but could have been better.

  15. Kimberly

    hmmm. I only listened through the EP once, but my favorite is definitely Okay. I'm not really digging the rest of the EP; I think I prefer the original Amy Says much more, the Arise remix isn't great, and I wish they were able to put How He Loves on it. However, I think with repeated listens, I'll like the new Believe in Dreams a lot more, and the other tracks as well. Pretty cool for the band to create this EP nonetheless.

  16. jon

    okay so i think the new EP is awesome. i all the tracks except ben moody's remix of Arise. love the new version of justice and mercy. it brings a new light on the song. my fav tracks would be Okay and Light in your eyes. though the EP is great. it could have used a little more work on it, but regardless it's still amazing. i wish they put a different song instead of ben's remix of Arise.

  17. Mome

    I think it's something new compared to the harder/semi hard stuff the let out so it was some something different which I liked.

    Pat's vocals in Okay was stunning. I want to hear him sing more.

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