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What’s cool about getting pregnant is that I feel like my priorities in my life are gonna change and life is gonna be a little bit more stable, I think, in a way that I can put boundaries around how much work demands of me, you know,” she laughed. “Definitely gonna try to not plan too much until the baby comes, and then we won’t plan to do anything at least until October.”

Sturm and her husband Joshua are expecting the baby, a boy, early next year. The couple were married two years ago.

Sturm told The Pulse Of Radio that the baby will be named Joshua Lewis, after her husband and her favorite writer, “Chronicles Of Narnia” author C.S. Lewis.

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7 thoughts on “Blabbermouth Baby Info

  1. Faith

    Nothing until OCTOBER??? Wow, I didn't expect the deprivation to last quite that long. Oh well. I guess we'd better just look forward to some sick shows in October.

  2. Marie

    I'm glad they're taking time away for themselves, and I can't wait to hear what will be in store for us from them in the future lyrically and musically after such big events in their lives.

  3. Amanda

    Oh, I like that name! I wonder if they'll call him Lewis? I know of a few guys who were named in honor of their father but go by their middle name in order to prevent confusion. So happy for them, babies are awesome <3

    And two years is actually a pretty normal time to have between albums, so no complaints here :)

  4. Arthur

    Im so happy for them both i know she will be the best mom. i know october is far a way but they need the rest and it gives us time to save for the live shows.

  5. Amanda

    Seriously I am so glad they get to take this time to have a family and enjoy life. The whole band has worked so hard and sacrificed quite a bit to constantly be working and touring. Lacey and Josh will be awesome parents, this little guy is going to be so very blessed. And as much as I am anxious for them the time to hurry along so they can get even more material recorded and some more touring again(as I seem to be going into withdrawel after the condensed amount I attended this Fall…) I want for their sake the time to pass slowly so they can really savor and enjoy it. So i guess its time for me to stash away funds so when they do return to touring, I can attend another 25 haha The name is super cute too! How very exciting!

  6. SaharaLaura

    O-C-T-O-B-E-R…. OMG!! But thatS Ok, BABY~~! awww :3


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