Remember To Live: Previews.

There are previews for Remember to Live on the French version of Amazon. Feel free to listen to them here. They are beautiful. I feel this EP is going to be beastly.

Thanks to Dirick for the link!

30 thoughts on “Remember To Live: Previews.

  1. Laura Post author

    I love how the reworked versions of the old songs don't sound different like Tiny Heart did for Memento Mori. :)

    1. ariseandbe

      i know right! Okay sounds different, but GOOD different. NOT SUPA LAME DIFFERENT. STUPID HOWARD BENSON. FIX TINY HEART. :/ please.

  2. reginafilangie

    The album to be beautiful AND beastly in one? What a combo.

    I like how the old versions that we're familiar with sound as they should. Believe in Dreams was very well put together, capturing the song's essence accurately. I'm a bit hesitant with the Arise mix but I'll need to listen to the song in full before I say anything definite. I'm looking foward to hearing Okay. It came out different than I expected, but in a good way.

  3. ParalyzingSilence

    The clips sound so awesome! I love the melancholy feel to the songs. I think okay and believe in dreams are gonna be my favorite.

  4. Remember_Jackie

    Every single song on here makes me want to cry from happiness. They are all so lovely. If this is the last music from Flyleaf for a while, it will be a good ending. Sorry for the depressing ending there. lol

  5. Franklin

    Thanks for finding the link Dirick! And thanks for making this post Laura!

    Songs sound beautiful. Very excited for this EP to be released, it's lovely so far.

  6. michael

    wow. its something different, i agree, but really good, an opening door. this EP is gooing to be the best one yet! only 9 more days!

  7. Arthur

    I know there short clips but they sound amazing. Okay and dmcf might be my favorites and i like what they did with arise it sounds fine from the clip. they need to dump howard this guy did amazing job with this ep.

  8. Hayley

    They could have made the new Justice and Mercy a bit heavier sounding but still, good work. I especially love how Amy Says and Okay turned out :)

  9. Tiffany

    So stoked. Every second I've heard so far is absolutely beautiful. Teary eyed just listening to it. Wow. Can't wait.

  10. sarah

    I personally love that the songs are on the slower softer side. =D I mean I love Flyleaf's heavy stuff too, but the songs sound amazing the way they are.

  11. Marie

    For all of you that are not signed up for the Flyleaf street team, I greatly implore you to do it…. it's free and you get very nice exclusives. And that's all I'm going to say.

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