Tons of New MERCH

Flyleaf has added a ton of new merch to their online store just in time for Christmas. So ask your parents and friends to get you all the super awesomely beautiful merch from the Unite and Fight Part 2 Tour. The long awaited Skeleton Hoodie has been added. Go buy some stuff!

7 thoughts on “Tons of New MERCH

  1. Melissa

    already ordered the hoodie!!! :) do you know if they'll ever add anything to the baby/toddler area because I know a couple kiddos that would LOVE a Flyleaf t-shirt. :D

  2. Marty

    The "Strength" shirt is amazingly awesome. I want it so bad, but $24.95 is a ridiculous price. If they were to drop the price, I'd be down to buy it.

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