I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but this is the best news of all timeee.

My husband Joshua and I are overjoyed to be expecting a baby boy early next year! <3 Lacey

*throws confetti and blue balloons and happy joy* Congrats to Lacey and Joshua! :):)

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  1. Mary Jo

    Im so confused AND excited for them! I really didNOT see this coming, well this soon, but its beautiful and awesome all the same :)

  2. Mary Jo

    Amy Im confused as well…someone posted on their facebook (mind you who attended the same concert as me about a month ago) that they knew she was pregnant by the way she looked…

  3. akatsuki

    congrats to them yehey!!! a Flyleaf baby boy hahaha… I'm so happy for them!!! another thing that'll make me happy is the remember to live ep release!

  4. Sarah

    I kind of knew. thts why I posted is lacey expection on flyleafonline formspring. I was looking at photos and such and im like dude she loks preggers. and then today she post tht and im like hell yezz!!! haha. Im so happy for her!!

  5. Faith

    I've known since the Ft. Hood show, so there was no surprise when I saw the FB post…just overwhelming joy. I think i'm gonna call every hospital in Belton and figure out which one she's at and have some flowers delivered to her or something when she has him:)

  6. Brenda Nepomuceno

    Congrats! But how is Lacey's motherhood going to impact on Flyleaf? Is the band going indefinitely on hiatus as of next year?

  7. Lindsey

    I am extremely happy for the both of them, I just know Lacey and Josh are going to be AWESOME parents. That is going to be one lucky baby! :) Congrats! But I can't help but to be a little sad and a little selfish not to mention scared as to what will happen with flyleaf LOL ;P but I am so happy that they are so happy! I can't wait to get more info like a name and maybe a due date! It is pretty exciting.

    When I met Lacey on September 11th, you would have never been able to tell that she was pregnant! But anyway, while we were talking to her, some girl was walking out of the arena with a baby (no clue why a baby would be at a rock/metal like concert lol BUT) (must have been SOTY's or one of their crew members child and it was their first night on tour with flyleaf and they had arrived just one hour before the show), so I don't even think she knew her and the mother was oblivious that Lacey was standing there, as she was turned around the baby looked at Lacey and she just stopped talking to everyone for a minute and just reached to hold the babies hand, and said hello. It was the sweetest thing ever and I couldn't help but to say awwwwh! So i know she will make an awesome mother!

  8. Santiago

    This Is Such Beautiful News.!

    I Can Only Imagine How Emotional Lacey Will Be.!

    But In A Good Way. =)

    They’re Going To Be GREAT Parents.

    I Hope Nothing But The Best For Them. <3

  9. Melissa

    Yay!! I am so happy for Lacey & Josh. I had a feeling she was pregnant a couple weeks ago when they posted pictures from their meet & greet at Fort Hood. :) heh

  10. Phil

    I'm so happy for them! I hope it's going to be born on 16th November, because I have birthday today. (In America it might be the 15th still)
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw! I'm so happy! :)

  11. Joseph

    congrats to Lacey and her Husband, they are going to be great parents, and to tose what next for flyleaf, wait and see :)

    but come on lets keep this thread on high note.

  12. Claudia

    Congrats to Lacey and Josh they are gonna be awesome parents kind of a lil jealous that she pregnant (mostly cuz I've been married for 4 years and nothing yet) but I'm very very happy for her hope everything goes well for her :)

  13. Clara

    I'm so happy for them both!
    She is going to be amazing, I know it!
    Again I wish them all the happiness in the world! <3

  14. JonnyT

    Congratulations to Lacey and her husband. Sooooo happy for them! I can only imagine the creativity this will bring to the music and lyrics. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! :D

  15. brit

    i was looking at pics of them from a recent show like 2 weeks ago and i thought she might had been pregnant…i even googled it! so no surprise..but i do wonder how this will affect the band and their upcoming tours?! congrats tho!

    1. Carlos

      they will probably stop doing tours for a while (1 or 2 years) but i don´t think the band will stop doing music since there are lots of musicians with kids (eg James Hetfield from metallica )i guess we will just have to wait and until then…Congratulations to Lacey and her husband

  16. dark_wings


    tha's awesome!!! i can't even remember a day where i think about this possibility!!! and….and……gsh!! i'm so excited!!

    Greetings and blessing to Lacey and Josh!!!

  17. Timolthy

    People really commented quickly…

    Anyway, THIS IS GREAT! Hopefully this will also give Lacey, and the band, a break from touring for awhile. I would be okay with it if they didn't release any more albums or do any more concerts just so that they could have that break; and so Lacey could be with her kid. I just know she'll be a great mother. May her child be blessed!

  18. Joseph Renz

    I’m so happy for them!!!
    *haha! Nice oNe, i remember the VMA 2009, maj0r c0ntroversy, . . .ruining taylor swift by kanye west. She deserve that award. Btw, so much for that. . . .i hope u the best ms. lacey and mr. joshua. . . . . . .:)

  19. Rhia

    Lol @ the title, Brittany…x] Wow! :D She's going to be an amazing mother, & I'm sure Joshua will be an amazing father. The way Lacey always talks about taking care of her baby siblings, almost opening a daycare program before Flyleaf happened, & how she loves every single person in the audiences..she's a natural mother ^-^ I saw her on October 18th & I couldn't tell she was pregnant at all, she still exuded the same amount of energy. No one was really focused on her belly though x] I hope she takes plenty of time off from everything.. Well, that's an adorable picture, & baby boy Sturm is lucky to have such fabulous parents <3 *Congrattsss!!!*

  20. Amanda

    Yay its about time she annonced it haha :P Congrats for Lace and Josh! Super exciting and they deserve this time off to start a beautful family! Hoping the little guy dont have the scream his ma does tho cuz they'll never sleep if he does haha. Prayers for all to go well, happy and I'm sure the baby will be an absolute blessing to the world, he'll be raised great with lots of love and great parents and some awesome rock star extended family :)

    1. SaharaLaura

      HAHAHAH! I was thinking the same about the little boy doing screamos… can you imagine them?? Lacey and her baby in a concert!!! Singing I'm so sick -the little bou doing the screamos- *O*!! So adorable~!!… I know, screamos and adorable in the same sentence..??…. xD

  21. Kat

    Oh my God! She is so tiny but… Yay, they will be a great family. She deserves it! She is a good person, with heart full of love and I'm sure she will be amazing mother! :)

  22. lindy

    ohmygoodness! i was NOT expecting that (no pun intended) when i came on this website for the first time in forever!! She looks happy!

  23. SaharaLaura

    I'm gonna tell, that this are NEWS! I´m sooo surprised!!! From all the pictures and videos I saw from her just this last month you couldn't have even imagined she was pregnant!

    T_T I'll cry from hapiness! Just from imaginating the adorable baby~~! As sweet as her mommy~!
    AWW! God bless you!! Congrats!!

  24. SaharaLaura

    Oh" just one question…. IS THAT HER REAL BELLLY!! OMG!! IS SOOO HUGE!! (And she's soo tiny!!)

    Joshua please take care of her!! Even though I know she won't, I feel like she'll break~… she's just so small and so cute… :o

  25. Kat

    Do you see this, Britanny. I get this on my email from flyleaf site I think. It seems that remember to libe will be realised on 7th december… And on their facebook you could check out parts of Amy says and Justice and mercy

    Hi Everyone,
    On December 7th we will be releasing new music, and we hope you enjoy "Remember to Live" (Memento Vivere). It's a bunch of old songs that you guys have asked us to record for years, so we finally did it. There are a few new songs you may have never heard and old ones reborn that Passerby fans will remember.

    Also, be sure to check out our new website. We hope you are excited about all the new features and artwork. All the woodcuts and art you see on the website were done by Pat when we first came up with the concept for Memento Mori. The community page will stay alive so all of the hard work you put into your profiles and blogs will still be a part of the site. Thank you for all your love and support!

    Happy Holidays,
    <3 Lacey
    PS – Stay tuned in the coming weeks for news about "How He Loves"

    Get a sample of the new music now at Flyleaf's Facebook page!

  26. bigestflyleaffanever

    i just saw her in concert less then a few months ago in houston. she had no signs of being prego. she can not be that prego its eather a lie or over exageration.

    1. Rhia

      @bigestflyleaffanever: I saw them on Oct. 18th, I didn't notice either, til I saw her post. When I looked back at the concert photos I could tell she was showing quite a lot, it's just no one was paying attention to her belly at the show. Also, around the 4th month or so, women can go from barely showing to being as round as Lacey looks here..it works in mysterious ways :] The photo came from their official site (they wouldn't joke around about this, there's no gain..) Congrats to the lovely family! What a beautiful mother :'D

  27. Matt

    Congrats to them both, I'm very happy and I know Lacey will be an amazing mother and hope it doesn't kill Flyleaf, but even if it does, Ill be okay with it so she can be there for the baby. btw her belly is freakin huge, lol

  28. Marissa

    I knew since she was touching her tummy on a photo at a concert that i saw online….but that could have been anything…congrats lacey =]

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