Letters To Lacey

Lacey answers a few questions from some fans here in her first column of Letters to Lacey. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Letters To Lacey

    1. reginafilangie

      Given Lacey's focus, it makes sense that she'd choose to answer those questions rather than business, personal or music-related questions.

  1. steph T

    I'm in love with the responses. they are inspiring and so true! i love how she puts the focus on Jesus, rather than herself. alas, she is my hero for that :)

  2. Elissa

    Reading these were so inspiring… in a world of Beyonces, Lady Gagas, and Kei$has, she actually cares about the lives of her fans… I love her focus on Jesus!

  3. Kaya

    These were beautiful.. but I hope she does choose some lighthearted questions as well!
    Does anyone know how frequently she'll do this column?

    1. Laura

      I think it's mainly the site that organizes it. I don't think she chooses when to answer questions or when they are updated :)

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  5. ulises Martinez

    hay lacey i dont expect an answer, but i just wanted to say your music really helped me out thorough the darkest moments of my life i excepted christ and am now living the life i am ment to have thanx alot :)


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