According to, Flyleaf’s EP will be called Remember To Live and will have the following tracklisting:

– 1 Justice & Mercy (Violent Love Version)
– 2 Okay
– 3 Amy Says
– 4 Dear My Closest Friend
– 5 Light In Your Eyes
– 6 Believe In Dreams
– 7 Arise (Ben Moody Mix)

HECK YESSSSSSSSSSSSS is all I really have to say if this is correct. :D

52 thoughts on “REMEMBER TO LIVE EP

  1. djt

    According to everything online, I think it'll be the 30th of November. But we'll see, I guess. Glad to know How He Loves will be released still! So excited for this.

  2. Joseph Renz

    am i dreaming…

    wow for the first time… the mystery behind DMCF will be finally revealed…!!!
    i hope they also include Chaos. ::))
    btw. you made my day!!!

    tnx for this info!!!

  3. Michael

    I am so excitied! New EP and HHL! I thought Dear my closest friend and okay were never recorded before! I cannot wait till nov 30!!!

  4. Kaya

    OMG I just died a little from too much excitement!!

    The website says "Released on November 30, 2010" so is that the official release date?

  5. Carlos

    can´t wait for this EP and btw am i the only one who´s interested in the new version of arise?

    greetings from Portugal

  6. Piper

    Wait, Ben Moody, the person who was in Evanescence?? Aw heck yes :D I'm looking forward to hearing all of these songs :D

  7. Marty

    Oh, I'm intrigued by the presence of Ben Moody. While I haven't been digging most of his post-Evanescence material, I am very excited to hear this.

  8. kissandcontrol

    I really love how Memento Mori means "Remember that you will die", and that the extended play is entitled "Remember to live".

    Remember that you will die has such a negative connotation, but remember to live is such a great reminder that it simply means to live each day to the fullest.

    i'm all about the motif for the memento mori era.

    1. Michaela

      wow, I didn't realize that. it's awesome – that relation between Memento Mori and Remember To LIve. I can't wait. this is gonna be amazing.

        1. Dustin

          Yeah I didn't even think about that good one!!! But they both have agood ones…haha "remember to live before you die vice versa

  9. reginafilangie

    Everything about this is good: unrecorded versions of songs we've heard, unheard songs and Ben Moody. Glad to hear Arise is getting a second chance (Howard Benson did not do that song justice). Looking forward to this.

  10. Shyell

    Wooooo! I know exactly what I'm going to be asking for for my birthday! Or if it's not released in time, Christmas for sure!

  11. Michael

    OMG!!!!!!! Well on other sites it says it will be released December 7, 2010. But I can't wait until this comes out!!!!! :D I am a ginormous fan of Flyleaf, I love them, and they inspire me so much!!!!!! But Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :::DDDD

    Hello, from New Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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