16 thoughts on “Vote for Flyleaf on Christian Rock 20

  1. Joseph Renz

    hi… they are now leading…

    a while ago there are 39 votes now due to inspiration

    i voted again and again in my 3 laptops

    they now lead with 140 votes… and still counting. :)

  2. Kaya

    voted as well. =)

    so, still no news on the EP? considering Lacey said it'd be out by the end of october they should be doing more promos for it… (or release it already, the wait is killing me. lol)

  3. Hayley

    Whats Violent Love Version of Justice and Mercy? It had better not be acoustic because in my opinion Justice and Mercy is one of their best songs and they've turned this really rocking song into something soft and mushy BBBLLEEAAAUUGGHHH!

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