Orianthi feat. Lacey “Courage” VIDEO

I’ve tried to embed it, but it’s showing up it’s not available in our country. So here is the link!
It’s an interesting concept. Make sure you post a comment on what you think!

20 thoughts on “Orianthi feat. Lacey “Courage” VIDEO

  1. Laurie

    Looks like us Europeans will have to wait. It's not available in my country (Holland). Thanks for posting it though!

  2. flyleafonline

    Aw, I love that they didn't really make it a big, fancy production. Lacey has her normal every day makeup on, her straight hair and her chucks. Its been a while since she's been like that in a video. :] The videos pretty adorbz with the smiles and general good feeling of it.

  3. Remember_Jackie

    Well to be honest, this is only the second time I have ever listened to Courage all the way through…but despite my general dislike of the song, I really like the laid back feeling to the video. Lacey looks beautiful as does Orianthi. I wish Flyleaf would make a video with a more relaxed feeling like this one…oh well one can only hope. :)

  4. akatsuki

    I really liked the video… Lacey looks beautiful in it… Jackie's right, Flyleaf should do a laid back video just like this.

  5. Mallory

    From a big fan of both Flyleaf and Orianthi, I REALLY love this song and the video. I like that Lacey has tried something a little different than a normal Flyleaf sounding song. And with the video, I like that they used the "courage" theme with various different people (the female boxer, the runner with one leg, etc.) Love it!!

    Much better than the Apocalyptica one IMO.

  6. Logann(:

    Love lacey’s voice in this song. She’s so pretty with and without makeup. I love it.(:
    I can’t wait until it’s on itunes so I can get it on my ipod :]

  7. Bianca Montes

    I think that the video shots were beautiful. I love the simplicity and I just love the sun on the country. I also really loved Lacey's vocals and I liked how Lacey looked like Lacey.

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