How He Loves Contest

Dirick did an awesome new acoustic instrumental for How He Loves in honor of the news that it will be going on the EP. Since we’re all so excited about it, I’m throwing an impromptu contest, because HEY, I can do that.

Rules & Information:

– Record yourself (audio AND/OR video) singing along to Dirick’s instrumental.
Here are the lyrics if you need them.
– Post it on YouTube.
Send me a link with “How He Loves Contest” as the subject if you want to keep it private, or post it in the comments for everyone to see!

The winner will receive a copy of Flyleaf’s DVD Beneath the Surface. Everyone in the entire universe can enter. I’ll pay shipping costs to Kazakhstan if necessary. Dirick and I will choose the most wonderful cover of this song together, and post it as an update if the winner allows.

Deadline is November 10, 2010, Memento Mori’s first birthday. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. We’re not expecting studio quality. Just make it heartfelt and full of love, friends. Annnnnd if you were wondering, you start singing along at 20 seconds in. Enjoy!

38 thoughts on “How He Loves Contest

  1. ariseandbe

    Hey everyone, if anyone has a hard time understanding where to come in or anything, the instrumental is based off the rock the river performance up on FO

    1. Joshua

      Oh yeah it's a great song. Hairs stand up on my neck when they it and all that :L But you've got feel the lyrics right?

  2. @FlyleafAddict16

    wow.. i wish i have a singing voice.. i wanna join but i don't wanna mess up with that song.. how i wish.. but i'll try.. :]]

    btw, can i also play that song on my guitar too while singing along with Dirick's instrumental? LOLz.

  3. sarah

    I posted this to you on formspring then I realized people were posting it here. so I think this is were I was suppose to post it. lol.. well enjoy!!

    1. ariseandbe

      i really liked that you are excited and happy for How He Loves on the EP. :D I really just can't wait to hear it!!!

  4. Lore

    Hi guys, i'm Lore, i'm from Colombia, i love Flyleaf <3, is the best band in all the world
    your music and lyrics are awesome, and they have been a beautiful blessing to my life
    here's my video :) i enjoyed making it !! but i spent hours practicing the pronuntiation
    because i don't speak english very well :(

    PD: when are you gonna come to Latin America :(

    Yeah Flyleaf Rocks!!!

    Saludos desde Bogota, Colombia :D


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