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My friend Dirick is pretty fantabulous at guitar, and he knows virtually every Flyleaf song ever. So he’s going to make some instrumental tracks for you good folks to sing along to. He started with Arise acoustic because everybody loves that one. Feel free to make requests in the comments to pressure him into doing your favorite song. :)

I’ve added some information about the Untitled November EP to the EPs page of the lyrics/discog section with some confirmed tracks and the known lyrics for those songs. The lyrics may change, but it’ll do for now until we know more. :)

29 thoughts on “Instrumentals // Photos // EP Info

  1. Laura

    DIRICK IS AWESOMEEE! I feel like his instrumentals soothe my soul. Thank you Brittany for putting these up!

    Oh yea.. the other stuff updated is cool too! Hahahaha.

    1. flyleafonline Post author

      DIRICK IS SO AWESOME. I think I'll make a fan site for him. DIRICKONLINE.COM where you can listen to his music 24/7.

    1. ariseandbe

      Break Your Knees is on the way, its sorta a big project ive been working on for Flyleaf Online, my friend needs to record drums then i need to mix it, hopefully it will sound epic.

  2. ZachPanke

    This is so beautiful! I think he should do "Sorrow" acoustic. :D I would be oh so happy.:) Dirick, do you mind if I sing along to your "Arise" in church? and Brittany, do you mind if I sing your instrumental "Christmas Song" this Christmas at my church? :D

  3. Timothy

    Having an instrumental of "All Around Me", whether acoustic or full everything would be nice. My sisters love singing that song all day, and them being able to do some kind of kareoke with that would be great.

  4. Timothy

    I know this has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion whatsoever, but I was watching I'm so Sick on Youtube and found this comment talking about Lacey:

    IF! anyone argues with her NO? ONE will win…….Not Even Chuck norris….

    I just couldn't resist sharing it.

  5. Jul

    On TheChristianRock20. com it says Jared Hartmann, guitarist for Flyleaf, will be calling in from the road this week to talk about rumors of upcoming music, the Unite And Fight tour, strange fan gifts and more! This was a few days ago, and I checked online radio it starts at 8. But I can't record it because i don't know how. I'm going to be listening.Anyways check the website out and vote for Flyleaf "Arise" while your at site.

  6. RitaLane

    Hey Dricks.
    should to full band covers too!!! like Cassie, justice and mercy, im so sick, in the dark, circle, arise, break your knees , tina/okay,

  7. Hannah Mae

    how bout… all around me, (acoustic) tiny heart, sleepwalker/wispering fingertips, treasure, in the dark, ocean waves, amy says, something I can never have.. that'd be cool acoustic cover of something i can never have !


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