Broken Pieces: VIDEO!

According to Apocalyptica’s Facebook and Twitter, they declared the video would be release on Myspace today. It said it would be the German release, but I found it! Whoo!

I think the video is very well done, though some aspects that occur are sort of goofy. But of course Lacey is gorgeous as always! Be sure to post comments on what you think!

37 thoughts on “Broken Pieces: VIDEO!

  1. flyleafonline

    Lovelovelove the imagery in this video. It reminds me a little of Fighter by Christina Aguilera, and that's one of my favorites. It's a little weird, but weird is good.

    I also love Lacey's facial expressions when she's carrying the girl on her shoulders. Haha

  2. kat

    Awesome! Lacey looks amazing – I love her hair and dress. And her high heels^^. And all video is amazing!!! I knew that Apo will make something special. One of my favourite video ever and Lacey's carrying someone on her shoulder , uh, she's so small and tiny! it's sursprising

  3. Amy Smith

    This is my favorite video.I don't like the videos Flyleaf has come out with so far..but I loed "Again" and I love this one too! Lacy looked great in this video. Loved everything about it!

  4. Drew

    Lacey looked incredible. Wow.

    The video was a little strange, like a few people mentioned…when she crawled under that girl's dress, I was like WAT. And then she was on Lacey's shoulders…bahaha. But her facial expressions were awesome. Good video, amazing song…overall, I was entertained. :)

    Also, did anyone else see Flyleaf's twitter/facebook this morning? Looks like the EP is due out in November!

  5. Maya

    I'm so in love with this video, I think I love it more than any of Flyleaf's videos… (don't get me wrong, Flyleaf's music is still better but videos aren't really their strong point IMO).
    and I love Lacey rocking out in heels! lol

  6. dark_wings

    After a dissapointed thing with the video for their last single (chasm) this totally worth it all and bring me some kind of happiness to this day. Wish the video for Chasm it would be liked that!!!

    Anyway, Flyleaf and Lacey still ROCKS!!

    i love love love so much this video!!!

  7. SweptAwayByFlyleaf

    i wonder how did Lacey carry the girl in the video.. LOL. she has that incredible strength.. haha.. anyways, the video is TOTALLY AWESOME! :]

  8. SaharaLaura

    Guys, thumbs up if you're as speechless as I am ^_^
    The video is weird, but very well done, so… oh well, it was fine ^o^

  9. Aeshna

    The video fits the song perfectly – WELL DONE! Plus, Lacey is gorgeous here. Nice legs too – I'm envious. XD

  10. beautifullikewords

    Lacey looks beautiful. I love the cinematography and direction in this video. Storyline is kind of cryptic, I hope someone explains what's going on lol. I also wish the sync wasn't off, but oh well.

  11. Meg

    lovelovelove it! i don't understand it at all but whatever. the imagery is amazing. and the song alone is just incredible. and Lacey looks absolutely beyond gorgeous! she never fails to amaze.

      1. Laura

        Brittany is going to take them herself when she gets time :) But if you still want to, I'm sure she'd be happy to receive them!

        1. Timothy

          I'm sending them right now. I got 173 all in a .zip file, so hopefully it will save her some time at least. That means I will have contributed to the site, and what better way to be a fan is there?

          If anyone else wants the stills you can contact me at or make requests for other things regarding Flyleaf pics/stills.


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