New Song Preview: Light In Your Eyes

On Twitter, Sameer posted a video of a song they were recording:

This is the song that was shown in the picture that Sameer posted when he said they were recording ‘Okay’. We all had gotten confused thinking they had changed the lyrics, but it looks like it’s a new song! Yay.

14 thoughts on “New Song Preview: Light In Your Eyes

      1. Laura

        It's confirmed that its an EP.. Brittany has said it before, and she doesn't spread lies just because she assumes it will be an EP. Brittany talks to the band frequently (whenever she goes to shows), so I'm 100% positive she knows what she's talking about.

          1. Sarah

            hahaha. it's fine. I just wasn't exactly sure until after I posted the comment, cause then I saw Brittany's formspring. haha. You dont have to apologize. xD HAHA

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