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  1. Maya

    waiting until someone posts it on youtube…. but based on these comments I'll keep my expectations low, even though i love the song

    1. flyleafonline Post author

      It reminded me a lot of Dig for sure, but it's missing the part where the band is performing. I think it would have really enhanced it, and brought the video from super simple into something awesome.

  2. Drew

    It feels like a really awesome fan-made video, rather than the official one. It was cool how they included woodcuts of the band members, but it felt disconnected from the band/song to me…like they made a kickass video and then decided to play Chasm over it. The connection to the song wasn’t there. If the woodcuts turned into the band or something throughout the video and it became “real,” that would have been unbelievable. But who knows what their budget and time allowed them to do. Pat’s woodcuts are crazy awesome, but the last three music vids have been misses for me, I hate to say. I still love you, Flyleaf. :3

  3. Franklin

    I think the video's really refreshing. It's nice to see them do something (almost) completely different. They had woodcuts in BB and Again as well but not nearly as many as this. "Chasm" is an amazing song and I'm sure Flyleaf worked extremely hard on this video (I wonder how long it took Pat to draw everything).

  4. Bryce

    Not at all what I expected but I love this song far too much to be disappointed. I'll have to watch it a few more times to get a full grasp on the story they are telling. The art work was incredible. Good job Pat!

  5. Bre

    Can't believe there are woodcuts AGAIN. Ugh. I miss those "Sorrow" music videos days, when Flyleaf didn't disappoint me (better yet, when they amazed me) with their storylines.

    1. Jake

      Agreed, if no one understands the storylines (but Flyleaf themselves) How are we supose to like them? and this, they're not even in this one, i thought since this is there Only other rock single they would have an edge with the vid, instead its like a happy cartoon involveing war? its great and like someone else on this form said, if the woodcuts turned into the band and became "real," that would be crazy,

  6. Timothy

    If they had made this more like Again, with the artwork but still seeing plently of the band, it would have been great. But then they made Beautiful Bride the way they did, where you don't officially see the "band", at least not playing. And now this. You couldn't even see Lacey! No crazy bass playing, insane guitar, awesome drumming, intense headbanging. They need to show the band…

  7. Melissa

    I think the video is awesome. Pat did an amazing job on the woodcuts and I liked how some of 'em looked just like the band members. I have to agree with Drew about feeling disconnected with the video without the band members actually be in it but other then that I think the video is great.

  8. shirlee

    This is my fav song on MM so I was excited to see this come out. Like the others, I'm missing the band in the video too. Guess if you love a band, you just naturally want to see more of them. The idea of turning the woodcuts into the real band members (maybe l/2-3/4 way through & not just at the very end) would really make this video lots better for me… maybe someone will be listening to our input.

  9. Laura

    I agree with Drew. It would of been cool if the woodcuts would of came "alive" like the Lacey-statue in Fully Alive. But however, these are Memento Mori songs, and it seems like this batch is mainly involving Pat's artwork. I enjoyed the video to an extent. I was just hoping there would be a small scene where the band was shown. I don't completely dislike the video, but it's not my particular favorite.

    Another thing is that the video is just a bonus to an awesome song. You might like both, or dislike one of them. If Flyleaf's happy with it, then that's all that really matters. :)

  10. Andrew

    The female woodcut, who i assume to be Lacey, is on the daarrrkkk side. lol. Bad Lacey, I told you no associating with orcs!

  11. Raph

    I love the video. It's different, and because it's different, people seem to be upset with it.

    From some of the comments I see here, I'm worried about where your hearts are. It's not about being a "hit" or about performance. Flyleaf has always been about the message, and whether it's through playing heartily on video/stage, or finding imaginative and artistic ways to tell stories, it'll always be about the message and not them.

    So, I love the video because story telling isn't just about laying everything out to people. There's more depth to that in the song, so therefore, that needs to be conveyed in the video, and I think they did a nice job with it.

    Being an artist isn't always about doing what people like. If they wanted to be a hit, then they'd write pop songs with special effects and lens flares all over their videos, But that's not flyleaf.

    1. Drew

      Different strokes for different folks. It's not a bad video, and I can only speak for myself, and I don't dislike it BECAUSE it's different. The "different" aspects just happen to be ones that I didn't expect and don't really care for. Yes, their message is incredible, and I agree that everything they do is to further promote that message rather than their own success. I respect and love that about the band. But the message didn't really connect with me this time around; that doesn't take away from the sheer amount of talent and effort put into the video itself.

      Story telling is important of course, but the comments here aren't fueled by haterade or anything…everyone is just kind of disappointed for their own respective reasons. I don't really think anyone expects Flyleaf to try to create mainstream hits. Not that they don't have the ability to be successful, but we generally understand as a fan base that they would never sacrifice sincerity for monetary gain or popularity. So our criticism isn't out of unrealistic expectations, it's because we know they're more than capable of absolutely incredible things and, solely as a music video for Chasm, this falls a bit short of "absolutely incredible."

      My two cents. :)

      1. Raph

        Oh certainly, I know everyone here means well, and in the end our support is there for the band. I'm just sad that there actually is disappointment when I think there shouldn't be any. I think to be disappointed is to have such narrow and specific expectations, disallowing artists to expand with the tools and talents they have. I think Pat is an amazing artist and I would definitely support his work outside of music.

        I'll agree that it's not, "absolutely incredible," but I don't anticipate every song they make to be the best song I've ever heard, the same applies to their music videos. I really do like the video for it's uniqueness, however. That's what made it awesome for me.

        :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

        1. Timothy

          And Drew, you're right, the comments are fueled by hatred. Some fans are just voicing their dissapointment. I myself really see a music video as a way to bring attention to a song that has a good meaning, and maybe throw a little story in the video. It was that way with Sorry, Fully Alive, and I'm So Sick. I never would have liked those songs so much if it wasn't for the music videos bringing my attention to them. Actually, I never would have become a fan if it wasn't for the Fully Alive music video. Years ago, when I first heard the song start, I thought it would be really cool. Then I heard the music change and a girl singing in a way I didn't expect. Never listened to them again until a few months ago. I started up the music video, when I saw Lacey before she started singing, I expected a girl to lead the song. Been a fan ever since.
          I guess the point of telling you all that was to say, if I had been introduced to Flyleaf from a music video where I didn't see the band performing (Like on Chasm), I probably wouldn't be a fan right now.

          1. Timothy

            And about Pat (My last comment was to big, so I broke it up). I'm still having a hard time believing he carved all that. The crazy bass player also being a crazy artist, whoever would have thought. One thing's for sure, he's great at it. He made the music video look really good, but it is still nice to see the band. It also would have been nice if I understood the storyline.

          2. ariseandbe


          3. Timothy

            They're just that good, aren't they?

            Why are there so many replies to comment Raph? I mean, come on! Somebody say something somewhere else, this comment here makes it 10.

    2. Timothy

      I understand what you mean, but it is still nice to see a band in a music video their making. Take Nickelbacks Savin' Me. When I first saw that, I hadn't even heard of them, and therefore wasn't a fan. They hardly showed the band at all in that music video, but that just added a bit more to the depth, made it more personal…or something.

      All I'm saying is it would have been nice to see a little bit of the band. Maybe not even as the band, they could have each been one of the characters in the video. Being able to see them just makes it seem a little better. Am I making sense?

      1. Raph

        I understand, and at this point, it's all about personal taste and how you choose to receive the video. :)

        There are a lot of music videos out there that do stories simultaneously with band performance, some done really well, others falling short on both sides. Some music videos have some really, really amazing and heart wrenching stories, but then they'd cut to the band for a full minute, and then finally when they cut back to the story, the ending is either rushed or falls short of what it could have been if it had that other minute to develop the story.

        Perhaps, they felt it too distracting for themselves to be present alongside the story? I can't speak for the band, but I feel like there was a lot going on in this video, so band performance might have been overwhelming.

    3. asia

      i totally agree with Raph! they made great job with this story. there's a depth in this song and in the video. and i loooove it <3 i think they didn't want to make a hit, they wanted to spread their message, and to help us to understand the song…

  12. Sarah

    I loved it!! Every band needs a cartoon video!! Korn had one a7x had one.. It’s flyleafs turn now!! Lol! I love it. Flyleaf was prob just wayy to buisy to shoot a real one.

  13. Marie

    I like seeing diversity in their videos… saying one is "better" than another isn't fair to either since the only constant is the band itself. Creativity doesn't have a mean.

  14. Rhia

    It's unique, beautiful, powerful, and a bit mysterious.

    I loved it 100%. That's what I call a music video!

    If you want to see the entire band rocking out and singing together then go. to. their .shows. !!!


    P.S. Fair To Midland – Dance of the Manatee music video. nuff said.

  15. blah

    umm im not entirely sure about this it seems alright but for one i dont think it really suits the song either and what are the doing putting gory pictures ( 1:06 ) in a cartoon type video? grossed me out haha

  16. Katie

    Can someone PLEASE tell me the storyline? Someone nut is trying to twist it around and make Flyleaf to be evil but I can't answer him cause I don't get the vid(though I know the song is a Bible Parable).


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