New Music!

The band is recording new music with Mark Lewis while they’re on the road! I don’t believe it’s for a new full-length album like people have been hoping on some of the forums I read, but I think we can hope at the very least for an EP later on this year. ;) So exciting!

I’m going to be going through all of our photos that we took at the shows this past week. So look for those later on tonight. It was cool meeting a lot of you guys at the shows. :D Thanks for saying hi.

17 thoughts on “New Music!

  1. Jacob

    uhmmmm It's definitely for a new cd. That's what Lacey said back in February. She said that they were planning to release a new cd sometime in 2011 and that "Broken Wings" was going to be on it. She said that it almost makes the cut for every album, so they've decided to for sure put it on the next one. in early 2011.

    1. flyleafonline Post author

      That might have been what she said back in February, but the plans have changed since then. The band is releasing an EP with a bunch of new stuff on it. I promise, I wouldn't put it on the site if it weren't true/confirmed. The only reason I said anything about what it might be is because a lot of people are getting their hopes up about having a brand new record sometime soon, which isn't happening. I went to a few shows a couple weeks ago, and they told us about what was going to be on it. It's definitely an EP. And Broken Wings is most likely going to be on it. So you're mostly right! It's just not going to be a full length album.


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