Rock the River Tour LIVE STREAM!

Flyleaf’s set from the RTR Tour in Edmonton will be streaming live tonight. I’ll be ripping it for the site, along with any interviews/clips the band may be doing. Watch it live at this link tonight! Thanks reginafilangie for the info!

The band is on now, so tune in!!


– Fully Alive
– Beautiful Bride
– Again
– Cassie
– All Around Me
– Chasm
– In The Dark
– Missing
– Swept Away
– I’m So Sick
– How He Loves

32 thoughts on “Rock the River Tour LIVE STREAM!

    1. reginafilangie

      When Flyleaf played in Calgary, they went on some time after 7pm Pacific time, so I'm assuming it will be the same tonight. They'll most likely be the closing act for the night.

    1. flyleafonline Post author

      You can add yourself to your buddy list, right click your name, click "group chat" and then type in flyleaf. We'll all be in there! :)

  1. Timothy

    I was watching Skillet just now, telling my little sister about Flyeaf being on later, and she said the funniest thing.

    She said something like: "I want to watch them, but shouldn't they take a break?" (I asked what she meant) "Their singing all the time, and she's getting sick (I had told her about how often Flyleaf performed and how tired Lacey's voice got) from singing so much. Why can't people just enjoy their music and watch the videos. She's getting sick, that's why she made the song 'I'm so sick' to tell everybody."

    I cracked up after that. And all this wisdom from a seven year old. Now just have to wait forty five minutes to see how sick Lacey really is.

  2. Timothy

    That was good. Unfortunately, not all their songs sounds as good live as on the recording. Though Chasm and In the Dark I think actually sounded better live.

  3. Melissa

    I got a little teary eyed during Lacey's speech. If I hadn't been sitting in the living room surrounded by family I would of been bawling my eyes out!

  4. Michaela

    I was watching it with my sister whole night. We're from Slovakia so it was 5:45 when we finally went to sleep. lol. my dad was crazy in the morning, he was like: if I knew this I would never let you watch it.:D but it was totally worth it. lacey's speech was amazing and I saw kid's faces and how it touched their hearts and it did to mine, too. Thank you Flyleaf!

  5. Laura

    I loved watching the stream. I can only guess it was 10x or more powerful in person. I loved it. Can't wait to watch it online again when Brittany has it up.

    I also enjoy how the crowd was moving for them… most times you don't see that at large venues and what not.

  6. Dustin

    Yeah I agree with Laura it was so amazing. Ahh Lacey's voice is unbeatable like seriously it never stops singing. I fear when she's older though it might give out, but she packs a punch and I doubt God will let that happen.

  7. brandi

    all of it is on youtube now except for how he loves i watched the stream when they played calgary it was really awesome and im gonna see them september 20 in nashville


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