Flyleaf struggles with ‘Christian rock’ tag

Pat Seals sounds uncomfortable.

The friendly, soft-spoken bassist for the alt-metal act Flyleaf is supposed to be enjoying a few days off in his Texas home before joining his bandmates in Calgary for the Rock the River West tour this Saturday. Instead, he’s being forced to choose his words carefully after being asked about the strange world of Christian entertainment.

“I think there are a lot of business people out there who can see how to make money very easily,” says Seals. “As much as the Christian industry has helped us, as well as the secular industry, it smacks of ‘We can sell this product to a lot of people.’ I think that’s how it arose. I guess the U.S. — particularly in the Midwest and the South — is so predominantly Christian that there is a ton of people there.

“I don’t know,” Seals adds sheepishly. “I feel like I’m digging myself in a big hole here.”

“Our band’s message, in my opinion, is the message of Christ and how he’s affected our lives,” Seals says.

“It’s not a sales pitch. It’s that truth as filtered through our experiences. We try not to deny that life is difficult, or hard or ugly. We try to make an attempt to be honest about ourselves and not present it as just a product.”

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8 thoughts on “Flyleaf struggles with ‘Christian rock’ tag

  1. steph

    It's annoying how people say of their christian rock…..yes thier christians and in a band and how does their religoin not effect their music…just listen and if you like it, you like it…if you dont move on don't hang here cause no one wants to here your comments about a band you have problems with.*,*,*LET THEIR BE MUSIC.*.*.*.*

  2. ariseandbe

    Flyleaf has such a wide range in songs, most Christian songs, but other about love and inspiration, some about depression and troubles in the world. I feel like its hard to just label their music for one thing.

      1. reginafilangie

        They'll be streaming live next weekend as well, when they perform in Edmonton, so you have a second chance :)


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