Broken Pieces

Preeeeeeetty exciting! Hopefully we’ll get to hear this song soon.

18 thoughts on “Broken Pieces

  1. Remember_Jackie

    I am wondering why no one else has posted here about the latest Flyleaf status update! :D

    "Finally home after 2 months of touring, recording new songs and shooting music videos. Lots of exciting things on the way, but for now its good to sit still for a bit -lace"

  2. Rhia

    My mistake, I’m thinking of Beautiful Bride, not Missing. :]] Heeh…. Yeuh, it may just be an actor. Most of the people in missing weren’t familiar faces.

  3. Rhia

    I thought so. I remember faces very well. Her husband was at the first Flyleaf concert I went to in San Francisco, in Nov. of ’09. He was helping set up after Paper Tongues finsihed their set.. I was like “omfg it’s lacey’s huabanndd” to my friends and he turned around and grinned at us haha. Pat was lurking in the shadows off to the side the entire time Paper Tongues was playing, I was kept looking over like ^_________^ …yeuh…..exciting stuuf….. :D kay I’m going to bed. Can’t wait for this Apocalacey song!


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