Toilet Circuit & More

There are also a lot of videos on Flyleaf’s artist page that aren’t embeddable, but definitely some that you should check out! Thanks to Laura and Melissa for these links.

I’m currently editing pictures from the many Flyleaf shows I saw a week or so ago. There will be another update before the day is over. :]

12 thoughts on “Toilet Circuit & More

    1. ariseandbe

      It's easier to play in a bathroom!!!! lol, i practice in my all the time, you can hear yourself better when you are singing… lol

  1. stephT

    that dress in the second vid looks similar to another dress I've seen her in but the bottom half is different…. wonder if its the same dress but edited a bit… anywho, its lovely and she sang lovely and Jared played lovely….

  2. stephT

    and Hear It reallllllly butchered the album title… Does no one edit anything anymore?? They wrote "Momento Morti" LOL


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