More acoustic performances including first ever CHASMMMMMM omgwoo!

What’d y’all think? :) I really liked them, and I’m so excited to hear Chasm acoustic! I’ve been wanting to hear it since we heard that they played it last year for the troops. I’ll be posting the video/audio on the site soon hopefully.

11 thoughts on “More acoustic performances including first ever CHASMMMMMM omgwoo!

  1. Arthur

    Chasm and missing sound awsome hope to get the audio soon. Can’t wait to see Flyleaf on the 20th only a few more days

  2. reginafilangie

    Lacey's voice comes out so strong in these videos. It's really nice. I wanted to hear the wailing in Chasm but I imagine that'd be really hard to do with only an acoustic guitar as support.

  3. shirlee

    Just love the honesty and the simpleness in these acoustic performances!! Lacey rocks it every time!!

  4. Abigail (England)

    Chasm acoustic is so unique you can hear the folk influence as well as the rock side of it and there is almost a spanish vibe. very cool i really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Kaya

    I think Lacey wants to get up and rock out but can't. lol Loved these acoustics, thanks for posting them!


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