Rock Band

For everyone who loves Rock Band as much as I dooo, this news should make you guys happy! Again is now available as a downloadable song for Rock Band! Yay! :) I think PS3 users have to wait until tomorrow, but X-Box 360 people should’ve been able to download it yesterday.

P.S. – For all of the people who have been asking if this is Lacey’s facebook, or if this is Lacey’s twitter, they are not her. She confirmed this on the band’s official facebook. :)

32 thoughts on “Rock Band

    1. k-wil

      yes jackie. In fact I'm hiding in their tourbus right now snapping some candid photos and learning the intimate details of their private lives. It's pretty boring but with a little embellishment and fabrication I can make one kick ass myspace page.

  1. Ransom

    Weird. Why would anyone want to do that?

    Technically though, she only said the Facebook profile isn't her, not the twitter. Not that I believe the twitter is her or anything.

  2. k-wil

    But for real though, I can't wait until I'm cool enough for some weirdo on the internet to impersonate me. Don't lie, you'd be flattered.

  3. Remember_Jackie

    Yeah I'd be flattered if someone impersonated me on the net too xD…but I would NOT be flattered if that person somehow managed to swipe some personal photos of mine and post them…

  4. k-wil

    why do you have to be all official and go back to the original topic? What do you have against the magical world of tangentland?

    Ok ok, I'm done harassing :)

  5. Cara

    off-topic, but anyone else seen the new mic stand they are using now? it's pretty awesome, i didnt know they had a new one!

  6. shirlee

    Everyone: here is how to help Lacey get rid of the scum impersonating her on facebook. Go to FB & do a search for Lacey Mosley (the bad site will come up). Click on the INFO tab & then scroll the whole way down to the bottom left side to the link saying REPORT PAGE. When you click there hit the arrow for the one that says something like fake site or impersonating someone…but under the URL it is confusing cause they want you to put the REAL persons FB page (lacey doesn't have one so here is the band's FB site:!/flyleafmusic?…
    That will help it get reported & get the scum off the air & I'm sure Lacey will love us for helping her!!

  7. jared

    hey i read on that lacey wil be a guest singer on apocalyptica’s new album “7th symphony”. the song is called broken pieces.

  8. jaredd

    i was reading on a website and it said that lacey will be a guest singer on apocalyptica’s new album. the song is called broken pieces. im excited!


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