In4merz Interview, Photos & Download Festival!

Here’s an interview with Pat and Sameer about touring in the UK, Pat’s beard, songwriting and strange UK food. They also mention how much they loved playing Download Festival, and we just found out that they’ll be doing it again this year! Very exciting news. :)

8 thoughts on “In4merz Interview, Photos & Download Festival!

  1. shirlee

    Is he kidding or does black pudding really have dried pigs blood in it?? Nooooooo way and they eat that in the UK??!!!

    1. Caroline

      Yes, I think it's true, it has something else, though, but I cant remember now (and I think I dont really want to know) We also eat it here in Argentina :)

  2. k-wil

    Ummmm Brittany, I think you posted some of the tour dates wrong. A grievous crime indeed. JK, but it's Norfolk, VA 5/26; Omaha, NE 5/29

    and that interview is so righteous


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