MySpace Missing Premiere!

The video for Missing is finally available in the US! Watch it above. Yay!

33 thoughts on “MySpace Missing Premiere!

  1. dark_wings

    I liked the video!!! it's awesome!! and definitely the best video from the new album (well, we have to wait for the Chasm video) but….i don't know, i think i would prefer something like a kind of suspense at the end of the video. i mean, it would be my favorite video so far if they wouldnt show what happened with the girl (lacey) after she jumped from the ship and it would be like "what happened with the girl?" "Did she get drown?" or was she rescue?? It would be nice keep the suspense! don't you think?

    Anyway…i still love the video!!


  2. Cassie

    The dance on the boat wwas a bit…strange, BUT FINALLY the video came out and I like it, go flyleaf. :) ♥

  3. Parker

    I love Flyleaf, but this video is disappointing. They could've done so much more with it. There's nothing special about this, and it's almost to the point of being deemed silly (the fake water with Lacey in it). Let's hope Chasm is better.

  4. steven

    i'm not really diggin' their videos on the new cd… they are so alike..
    i'm hoping the next video is what really shows what the CD is about. (:

  5. Brad

    This video is pretty cool… It's VERY different… and they do perform really well with these type music videos…

  6. Mitch

    I can't beleive that everyone thinks these Memento Mori videos are so great. I think they're all making the members of Flyleaf look lame. Why? They dress so awkward. They don't even actually play those instruments in the song "Missing," so why show it in the music video? I didn't like this one very much, or the Beautiful Bride one much either. My personal favorite (and through process of elimination) is the video for Again [on this album]. It's the band playing their song and it shows some neat graphics work. I never really liked the video for "Sorrow" because they dressed up so … weird.

    On another note, I read that it's "Panic at the Disco"-esque in sillyness. Dear Lord, please get them away from this!

    1. Luzana

      they dont have to show the instruments they play. its good to mix things up. and technically pat and james do have thier instruments :] i dont like the beautiful bride or again videos. but this one was pretty good. and seeing Lacey dancing is kind of funny

  7. Radzy

    Yeah!!! So far this is the best Music Video from Flyleaf. But the dancing Lacey does is kinda weird but cute though LOL. I hope Chasm Music Video come out better like this can't wait for Chasm.

  8. Mary Jo

    honestly i like the "vintage-eqsue" feel of Sorrow, but for this one I agree. They video could have better showcased how the band is and performs. Mixing mini stories with music videos can just go very wrong…I was left thinking wheres Pat, Jared, James, and Sameer?!

  9. saily

    I think it was good and it did remind me of the sorrow video i was hoping for the water to be actual water i think it be cool but i guess the fake water goes with their other two videos with the whole cartoonish/ wood cutouts kind of feel… Anyways it's still a good video.

  10. lindy

    i loved it!!! my favorite off the new album so far. it almost seemed to parallel lacey's life or at least someone who was in a bad situation and then escaped to something better.
    however, i do hope the next vid is more…different. they all seem to have some form of the old-fashioned feel to them which i like but it's getting a little repetitive.


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