Before They Were Flyleaf, Missing Single, Pictures, Article!

I love when people upload things from way back when! Look at this interview from 2002 from when the band was Passerby. It’s short, but so great. Thanks to Laura for linking it.

This is the artwork for the Missing single which should be out very soon. No exact date for a US release, but I’m betting it’s within the next couple of weeks. Below are some photos I shot at the Prudential center on February 19, 2010:

DVP: When did you know you had something special going on as a group?

James: I think the first practice. “I just knew we should keep working at it.

Pat: “I think it was one of your first shows. I was playing with my old band and I remember watching ‘em from the crowd. Then we had to go on and I remember the next day at school all the people in high school were going, ‘Hey, did you guys hear that other band?’ And I was like, ‘We played, too!’ he laughs. “They made everyone in the room stop, which was pretty rare.”

DVP: How do you keep your voice going?

Lacey: In the beginning I didn’t do anything. I’d just pray about it.

Read more here. The interviewer asks some really good questions towards the end.

26 thoughts on “Before They Were Flyleaf, Missing Single, Pictures, Article!

  1. sokka-kun

    nice very nice i love the artwork for the Missing single really loverly! i'm desperate for watch the video!

  2. steph

    such amazing update…thnx laura for the vid and thxs to brit for photos and article…you guys rock!!!!…keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Paige

    Haha, thanks so much! That Passerby video is the best :) I love it. They've changed a lot! But thankfully they haven't changed in their beliefs and message :D

  4. Joshua

    the interview is one of the best I've read. And I saw the missing video on Kerrang yesterday. I'm really happy cos I live in Britain and it took them months to start showing the Again video here. :)

    1. Mirta

      thank you thank you thank you
      i was trying to find where to watch it!
      really great video, tells the story…
      and Lacey is so beautiful ^^ :D

  5. shirlee

    Loved the old video, so funny to see how young everyone looked back then to today!! Hey everyone remember that tomorrow we are doing a google test to get flyleaf as a top search:
    everyone google: Flyleaf
    just plain Flyleaf with nothing added
    Thursday, March 11th, 9 pm EST…which is 8 Central, 7 pacific….
    Google it as many times as you can as close to that time as you can & let's see if it get's picked up on Google's list
    Spread the word!!! I'm curious?!!

  6. lauren

    so cool but lacey carter?! i thought she was lacey mosely and then lacey sturm (once she got married). oh well still cool! they were so young!

    1. Rebecca

      She was married before. The guy's last name was Carter, but they ended up getting divorced. She's on her second marriage now.

  7. dark_wings


    thanks for the link!!!!!

    I'm in love with the new Flyleaf's video!!!!

    I can't stop watching!

    Thanks again!

    1. Laura

      Yea, Beneath The Surface (The buyable DVD) has been out since 2008. I'm sad that they put it on YouTube, seeing as you can't buy it anymore. But oh well.


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