FormSpring, Gallery and YouTube!

I’m sure a lot of you have played around with the FormSpring site before. It’s a pretty interesting thing, so I thought I would start up a page for, where you can ask questions about the band, site, etc. You can click on the link to get to the page, or type in your question on the side bar. In running the website for 5 years, I’ve picked up on some facts & trivia along the way. Maybe you can find out something cool you didn’t know before! Personal questions about the band won’t be answered, but that goes without saying. Let’s keep it fun. :D

Tons of pictures can be seen below! I have a ton more to add as well, so stay tuned if you’ve sent in photos and you don’t see them up yet. If you’ve taken pictures at a show and want to contribute, you can email them to

Laura stumbled upon this video where the band talks about their driving force, almost quitting, and how the scrapbooks that you guys have all contributed to have helped them keep going. I thought it was really awesome that Lacey mentioned it.

16 thoughts on “FormSpring, Gallery and YouTube!

      1. Laura

        Thanks, Steph. And thank you for finding all those other videos that you posted in the previous posts. I had already seen them, but I'm sure there were some who hadn't.

        1. steph

          oh sure no problem…..i like to update myself on flyleaf all the time…lol…find it creppy sometimes ha ha ha!!!!!:D

  1. usmc_424

    thats incredible. i never knew they almost broke up. but at least everything worked out. thanks, FlyleafOnline, for making a difference

  2. shirlee

    ok, we are going for it…doing a google test for Flyleaf. This week on Thursday night….that gives us time to spread the word!!!….. Thursday, March 11th, 9 pm EST…which is 8 Central, 7 pacific….
    everyone google: Flyleaf
    just plain Flyleaf with nothing added
    google it as many times as you can as close to that time as you can & let's see if it get's picked up on google's top list
    Spread the word!!! I'm curious?!!

  3. Melissa

    I seen that interview a few days ago before you posted it Laura but thanks for sharing the link so others could see it too. :)

  4. @Tsumenchx

    Wow….I can't believe the band almost broke up….I would be really sad if they EVER break up. Taking a hiatus(they might one day…you never know) is a different story but it would still be depressing. But if they EVER break up….I'd actually cry…and probably for a while. :(

    But on the plus side…I glad they like the scrapbook!! =D


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