More on Healing 4 Haiti & More Cool Videos

Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf) – Healing for Haiti from SP Video on Vimeo.

Thanks to Franklin for finding this video. :) You all should watch this video. It’s a really long interview with Pat from the earlier Memento Mori era. I can’t embed it here, but you should definitely check it out. Also, I found another cool video with Sameer/Lacey while browsing the site that I’ll post below.

FlyLeaf Interview from CedarCreek Classes on Vimeo.

16 thoughts on “More on Healing 4 Haiti & More Cool Videos

  1. Courtney Lea

    Very cool videos! Love the new update – since it's been awhile.
    Question: Does anyone know what song is playing in the background in the second video below? It sounds REALLY cool!

      1. steph

        exactly this is vid that cant be found on youtube…it shows where lacey is pulled out by james more loks lik he almost fell off the ladder….

  2. Melanie

    hey i just noticed that the concert footage is from wen they played six flags over texas. lol i went to that concert… pretty kool :)

  3. Izzy Rose

    amazing…flyleaf is awesome(: they seriously need 2 come 2 tennessee….. ooh maybe u can play at walmart like skillet did once XD i have nvr been 2 a flyleaf concert in my life and i rly want to go!!!


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