Vote for Flyleaf!

Flyleaf is nominated twice for Best Rock Song on The Christian Rock 20 website. Let’s see if we can get them to the top! I’d say we have a better shot if we focus on just Chasm, but you can vote for either. You can submit a vote every 12 hours, so get crackin’!

Also, just a reminder — I’m putting another Scrapbook together for the band to give to them in Newark, NJ on February 19th. So get your letters, thoughts, prayers and love in while you can. :)

28 thoughts on “Vote for Flyleaf!

  1. Drew

    That was difficult for me…Chasm is my favorite song off Memento Mori, but Again gives them a better chance of winning, haha. Of course, I voted for Again. :)

  2. sarah

    Omg tht isnt far. did u see the bands on the list? I love alot of them, red skillet fireflight, but flyleaf's my favorite band.. so I voted for themm. haha

  3. shirlee

    I wanted to do a try at something & others thoughts here… you know the google search results that show the most searches listed for that day… wonder if we pick a day & all do a ton of searches for: Flyleaf
    I wonder if it will show up? Anyone interested in trying it? We'd need to pick a date & time period I am guessing?


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