Criminal Minds, Video news, Interview!

Hey guys! Flyleaf was featured on the show Criminal Minds that aired on January 20, 2010. They played a clip of Enemy, which is pretty awesome! Thanks to Bianca for being the first to let me know.

We’ve all seen the tons of pictures that Flyleaf has posted on their Facebook, but we now know that Diane Martel directed the video. She’s done stuff for Britney, Avril, The White Stripes, Justin Timberlake, etc. So you know it’s probably going to be really great. I’m excited to see it! Looks like it’s going to be pretty amazing from the photos.

On the note of videos, a guy named Sam Tindall is making a video for Chasm. There’s more information (photos/news) on Facebook if you search for ‘flyleaf chasm’. It looks like it’s going to be really great. So go check it out on FB.

You can listen to a new(ish) Flyleaf interview here. Thanks to Laura for finding it.

The chart page was also updated with new numbers. Memento Mori has found the hands of over 181,000 people already. Pretty amazing. Even after a few months, I listen to the album all the time. I won’t lie. It’s pretty fun to sing it in the car on road trips. Caleb probably doesn’t like it much, but WHATEV. It’s fine.

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