Tour Dates & Scrapbook!

Tons and tons of new tour dates with Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace have been announced in the past couple weeks, and they’re all posted here. Thanks to Caleb for uploading them. :) We’re going to be at a few of them (like always), so I hope to see some of you there! :)

According to the band’s Twitter page, they are currently recording the music video for Missing. You can view lots of pictures on their FaceBook. Here’s one just to give you guys an idea of what to expect!

For this upcoming tour, I’m going to be putting together another Flyleaf Scrapbook to give to the band. If Memento Mori has moved you in any way (or anything else related to the band), please share it here. I have a feeling this one is going to be a good one. :D I think this will be number 5!

18 thoughts on “Tour Dates & Scrapbook!

  1. Arthur

    Thanks for the update the missing video should be great love the pictures. Im going to the feb 16th show to see Flyleaf and i know there not the headliner but are they going to play a full setlist.

  2. Dustin

    Woot thats awesome
    The video is going to be amazing!!! :D
    I might be going on the first of March to see them with BB and 3DG if I go i’ll make sure to get plenty of pics and fun stuff! :D
    Hope I can go
    L :D

  3. Shyell

    Can't wait for the new video, it looks great!

    It makes me sad though that they started touring with Three Days Grace AFTER that band came to Ottawa. They have to come here SOMETIME, or I will have to make a roadtrip to the States when I'm old enough! :)

    1. Rebecca

      I don't know, I mean the cover art IS pretty terrible. I was so disappointed when I saw it. Yes, the concept may be great and all, but the execution… pretty terrible. They should have just made Pat's woodcut the cover, end of story. Instead we have a shoddy photoshop job. It's just sad more than anything else.

      1. Remember_Jackie

        Yeah his woodcuts would defiinately have made a MUCH better cover… *sighs* but I still don't think it should have been on the worst 10 of the year or whatever. Like why wasn't Adam Lambert's cover on there?! I'm pretty sure the woman on his album cover is not him…. xD

        1. ariseandbe

          i really didnt see a problem with any of those covers really except the Kiss one…. those people just dont appreciate art

  4. Laura

    Art doesn't have to be pretty. It doesn't have to make sense. It's all what people think of it and make it out to be. I like the cover, because it goes with the story, and it's not the average cover. The band has put a lot of work into Memento Mori, and they knew not everybody would like it. But anyway. Yea.

  5. flyleaf freak

    flyleaf is the BEST!!!!i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the song,"CHASM"!!!!! ROCK ON, LACEY MOSLEY!!!!!!! i love all the songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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