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Here is an article/interview with Sameer about recording Memento Mori. Thanks to Nicole to finding this!

Sure, sure. I have heard it all already. Everyone I know that is a fan of Flyleaf is upset that the band made the decision to take the road less traveled for them, one with less screams and a tad less aggression on their new album, Memento Mori. Yeah, their self titled album was teeming with a certain kind of rawness, a certain power all its own. This time out they took the path of melody and concentrated more of their hooks than anything else and guess what, it worked perfectly. Memento Mori is a great next step for the band, a natural progression if you will. So those that are miffed, rest assured the band has not changed – if anything they have gotten much better. -More

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  1. Hollie

    I don`t know about you guys, but I hate it when a band keeps making the same kind of record over and over again. Memento Mori shows growth. The more you listen to it, the better it gets. Lacey sounds beautiful on the record and the guitar work has become more intricate. Remember it has been four years since the first record. People grow and change. And that is what Memento Mori shows…

  2. brb

    I don't mind that there is less screaming on the album, I'm just irritated that the screams that ARE on the album are muffled. Silly.

    But I still love the record. There's only 4 tracks that I don't loop repeatedly/obsessively.

  3. Marty

    I think Memento Mori completely rules. Although some more screams would have been nice, it came out amazing and I think it’s ten times better than the self-titled.

    And why doesn’t Lacey like the Amy Lee comparisions? Granted, I think everyone wants to hold their own and not always been compared to someone, but I would say that’s insanely flattering. Amy’s voice rules.

  4. shirless

    I guess we have to keep in mind that when they do a show with all the new stuff mixed in with the old stuff that it will still be the best show ever since the screams will be intermixed throughout the playlist for the nights. Everything I read is how much everyone loves the new sound…the screams will still be in every show, wouldnt be Flyleaf without themj!


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