Happy Holidays! And an Article!

I hope everybody is enjoying their holidays, whichever you all may celebrate!

The following is an article. It’s from October but I just found it.. so yea! I also thought it was worthy with this newish band picture. It’s new to me atleast! Haha.



Flyleaf has been living the dream but with its sophomore album, the Belton-born band turns its focus to, well, death.

“We cry and laugh at the same things,” said frontwoman Lacey Mosley. “We are all going to die the same death.”

Whether in a small, Central Texas town or all the way across Europe and Asia, guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya said mortality connects everyone.

The band members realized these truths after their five-year tour around the world, promoting their debut, self-titled album that went platinum last year. The second record, “Memento Mori,” releases Nov. 10 on A&M/Octone Records, and the band performs Wednesday on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. -More here!

7 thoughts on “Happy Holidays! And an Article!

  1. Jackie

    Sweet article! Thanks Laura! "You should invite the Indian kid over." lol I love the articles that show the fun side of Flyleaf. ^.^

  2. George

    I saw and heard flyleaf for the first time Dec-29-09 and I could not understand the group but thought the music was great. My daughter listen to this all the time so I decided to log in in listen to the song and they are great..


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