Updates include:

– Over 400 new photos
– Video info for Beautiful Bride
– Updated chart information
– New acoustic audio for download (including Justice and Mercy/Again/Arise)
– Official video downloads for Again & Beautiful Bride
– New acoustic performance videos for download including Again, Justice and Mercy, Arise and more!

Also! Big congratulations to the winners of the Memento Mori album cover contest! Dirick and Ricardo both had awesome entries, and they’re going to get some cool prizes in the mail pretty soon. :D All of the entries will be added to a special page of very soon.

10 thoughts on “OMG SO MUCH STUFF

  1. Franklin

    Thanks for the update Brittany! I love the gallery. It is my hero. And yay for acoustic audio downloads! AND for Flyleaf making it to the charts! Three cheers for Flyleaf (and workers at Flyleaf Online)!

    Hip hip hooray!
    Hip hip hooray!
    Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Travis

    Thanks Brittany for the new audio of flyleafs acoustic and the new pics of the pittsburgh pa show at Mr. Smalls!!!!!! pittsburgh pa loves you!!!! your the best brittany!!!!!!!!!! :-) Travis

  3. FiercelyJustin

    This update is ftl. I mean seriously……. I love you brittttttt <33333333333333333333 Yay for random hyperness. and the update is for the win ;) I just, like picking on you, cause,I can. And. It's fun? <3 lurb joo.


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