Inspiration for ‘Set Apart This Dream’

Flyleaf Guitarist Inspired by Hugo, Eldredge Books

An avid reader, Flyleaf guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya was so moved by Victor Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’ and John Eldredge’s ‘Wild at Heart’ that he wrote a song about them. The result is ‘Set Apart This Dream,’ which appears on ‘Memento Mori,’ the band’s sophomore effort that debuted at 8 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

“I’d say six years ago, I read ‘Wild at Heart’ by John Eldredge, and then like a couple years after that I read ‘Les Miz’ by Victor Hugo,” Bhattacharya told Noisecreep via telephone from New York City. “I think those books could have gone together. It’s about men stepping up and women feeling like … I don’t know. It was really amazing about how those books came together. It really spoke to me.” -Read More

6 thoughts on “Inspiration for ‘Set Apart This Dream’

  1. Franklin

    Laura thank you so much for posting this! This helps explain so much, especially since “Wild at Heart” is meant to be for guys. THANK YOU!

  2. rhia

    i wouldn’t say he’s a FAILURE, but i do still wonder what Flyleaf’s first album would sound like if he hadn’t interfered/changed so many things..

  3. Jackie

    That’s an awesome interview Franklin! Some of the questions were the usual ones, but I still love hearing Lacey’s amazing testimony!!!


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