Metal Underground Article (Pat is awesome, read it.)

Nichole: I don’t want to harp on the topic of Christianity, but perception is that a lot of metal listeners don’t typically rally behind openly devout bands. Do you think the growing success of Flyleaf and other Christian groups like Skillet is changing that perception?

Pat: I would hope that bands like Flyleaf and Skillet change the perception of “Christian bands,” but I would also hope that people would view us as just a band with something they believe in that drives their music, versus a band that is safe for Christians to enjoy. Our faith in Jesus is the centerpiece of our Flyleaf and our personal lives, but it is not our goal to simply churn out music for churchgoing parents to buy for their kids to prevent them from listening to Metallica and Eminem. Our greatest desire is for people to really ingest and contemplate the message in our music, and the best and usually only way to make that happen is to create the most honest, genuine, and appealing music that we possibly can make, given our abilities. I feel like Skillet does this to a “t,” as well as Blindside, the Chariot, and many others.

Nichole: What music influenced or inspired you growing up?

Pat: Growing up, my dad’s music really influenced me. He played the acoustic guitar and listened to a lot of folk and Americana-ish music that has since stayed with me. Simon & Garfunkel, Jim Croce, etc. was usually playing in the kitchen before I discovered Weezer, Green Day, Bush, Deftones, and a brief but embarrassing ska phase.

Nichole: Where do you see you and your music going in ten years?

Pat In ten years, only time will tell. We might be too fat to play by then. I’ve been eating cookies all night for the past week and a half.

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8 thoughts on “Metal Underground Article (Pat is awesome, read it.)

  1. Lauren

    hahaha. Green Day! i dont think theyll all be fat. maybe Pat but only cause he confessed to eating cookies all night the past week and a half but you know…

  2. rhia

    hehe i liked his extensive list of Flyleaf Bloopers. “my bass doesn’t work right now’s” ^.^

    Pat fell into the drumset at the concert i went to, but he somehow managed to play it off as if it were on purpose and as if it felt good.. o.O “*gets up and rocks out even harder* oh yeaahh :D”

    i want some interviews with James..

  3. lindy

    Pat’s so funny. It seems like Flyleaf doesn’t mess up on stage as much as a lot of bands but maybe that’s just me.


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