Pat With The Gauntlet Interview!

The Gauntlet: Hey Pat, how’s everything?
Pat: It is pretty good. I am at home just goofing around. I think we are going to go practice later on.

The Gauntlet: Practicing for the tour?
Pat: That is right. We are trying to get it in the ball park so we don’t embarrass ourselves. We have done a lot of practicing but it has been a lot of short practicing and farting around. We spent about two weeks practicing pretty hard, then Lacey, Jared and Sameer went out on the road for a little bit for the Memento Mori press tour. They did some interviews and the listening parties. That put a monkey wrench in the practice schedule, but now we have a little more time.

The Gauntlet: How did you get out of going?
Pat: I think I was originally supposed to do it. I did most of the acoustic performances with Lacey on the last album. One day we did this acoustic radio thing for the album and it was just setup so badly. I kept trying to play and broke a string. I used this guys electric guitar and it just sounded awful. After that I said that I should not be the one doing this as I am the bass player and the two other guitar players are better than I am. I respectfully bowed out of that and let the people that know what they are doing do it. I am glad I did that though. We have been getting good reports of the other guys performing.

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3 thoughts on “Pat With The Gauntlet Interview!

  1. Melissa

    Yaay!! I really enjoyed this interview :) it sucks that the music video for Fully Alive tanked..I thought it was amazing and that’s what got me hooked when I started learning about Flyleaf.

  2. Angela J

    That’s cool he let Jared and Sameer do it , and that’s true he IS the bass player.And hes great and playing guitar, but he barely plays it during shows unless its acoustic , Sometimes plus it gives pat a break…


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