Lacey, Sameer and Pat on Rockline!

You guys can listen to Lacey, Sameer and Pat on Rockline here. They talk about the normal stuff (Memento Mori/Christianity/fave bands), but some of the people that called in asked some different questions, so definitely take a listen while it’s up. :)

8 thoughts on “Lacey, Sameer and Pat on Rockline!

  1. Judy

    wow. chasm, circle, set apart this dream and arise sound AMAZING. im so so so so so SO excited!!!!!
    cant wait for tomorrow so we can hear all the songs on myspace on repeat!
    aaaaah this is amazing.

  2. reginafilangie

    Nice. I liked a lot of the fans’ questions and I enjoyed listening to the new songs. The chorus of Tiny Heart threw me off. I got so used to the old version.

  3. Alan Brown

    im on clip 3 aroun half way.

    Alan from Chesapeake OH

    It was cool because once i finally got through, the radio was playing on my phone and i finally got to talk to them after a few minutes.


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