MM Premiere, BB Video & Lacey on THE FOX 107.1!

Starting Friday night at midnight, Flyleaf fans will be able to stream Memento Mori in FULL on the band’s MySpace page before it hits stores or online retailers.

On November 10, 2009, the day that Memento Mori comes out, everyone will be able to see the video for Beautiful Bride which is premiering on Yahoo!

There are also tons of pre-order opportunities and packages for Memento Mori available on Amazon, SmartPunk, InterPunk, ShockHound, Newbury Comics, and So check all of those out, and pick which one(s) you want to participate in!

More news coming soon! I’m going to try to update several times a day, because it seems like news is coming out EVERYWHERE. Memento Mori is out in less than a week. I’m so excited!

15 thoughts on “MM Premiere, BB Video & Lacey on THE FOX 107.1!

  1. Arthur

    The only thing i dont like is that people can stream it early on there myspace page wont that hurt album sales. I wish they would wait till next week its only a few more days im waiting its hard but i can make it.

  2. Jarrod

    i don’t think it’ll hurt anything cuz ppl will listen to the tracks and be like, “yeah, i’m gonna have to go buy this right now.”

  3. Laura

    I’m not going to listen. Mainly because I want to hear the full and recorded songs when I’m reading the lyrics and such so I can get an instant understanding of what is going on in the song. I just want to listen when I actually have the physical copy.

    Also. I know the songs on myspace will be put up streaming on YouTube [illegally]. I hope people have the same mindset as I do, and will help me keep them off of YT until Tuesday.

  4. Marie

    Great interview… and I’m with you, Laura. I like having the lyrics in front of me with my headphones on. The first listen is always amazing.

  5. Melissa

    I hate that they are streaming full songs before the album release date..that’s just giving people the option to upload it illegal.

  6. lindy

    is anyone going to the Salt Lake show??? :D I ammmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!! With my sister and my boyfriend!! We have red hair! well, me and my sister do, my bf has brown hair. Say hi if you see me! ^^ YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

  7. Angela J

    I’m only gonna listen to 2 of the songs “in the dark” and “swept away” , Just to hold me over until Tuesday , People better not put it on Youtube ,cause there are lots of easy ways of downloading YT videos and converting them , which there shouldn’t be. Can’t wait till Tuesday!!

  8. rhia

    i’m going to wait. i’ve waited this long, i can wait a few more days. it’ll be MUCH more exciting to go out to my local CD store and be able to hold Memento Mori in my hands and not have any idea what the full studio version of these new songs are going to sound like and be superly happy and shakey and bouncy and all the things that make new things fun and then sit on my bed with my CD player and flip through the booklet [hopefully lyrics are inside] and cry my eyes out at how beautiful it all sounds. the wait is killing me, but i want to do this the right way. i loved the interview by the way. it’s given me a new perspective on the whole war situation. i mean, i’m not in favor of war but i have SO much respect for soldiers just because they’re risking their lives to do everything they can to keep their loved ones safe. i think we’re safer than they are at this point though and i hope they can resturn home soon..

  9. reginafilangie

    So, I’m on myspace right now and it’s the weekend and I can’t find any option to listen to the song in full. Sad times. Sad times.


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