Hola! Memento Mori commercial hereeeee!

Hey! So technically I lied. No new layout yet. I’m almost done working on it though. It’s coming out pretty cool. I used the lithograph from the listening parties as the header graphic because Pat’s artwork is awesome. The new layout should be up within the next couple of days, hopefully.

I’ve completely reuploaded the news management system of the site. Hopefully that takes care of the issues we’ve been having here. If it doesn’t, I’m going to just find something other than wordpress to update with. If I have to do it manually, I will. I’m so doooone with the virus attacks. Please let me know if you have issues via my email (brittany@flyleafonline.com).

19 thoughts on “Hola! Memento Mori commercial hereeeee!

  1. Marty

    I wish bands would endorse buying the physical album instead of digital copies. I don’t know, maybe I’m just the only one who prefers actual copies. Any way, I’m excited for Memento Mori.

  2. courtney c

    i preordered mine off of amazon. its flyleaf, you have to get the physical copy. they’re my favorite band of all time, i feel like its being mean to buy it digitally. this band means the world to me.

  3. Jackie

    I love to have physical copies of cds, so buying the actual cd of Memento Mori is a given for me! And btw thank you Brittany soooooo much for getting Flyleafonline back online!!! :D

  4. Jess

    I wish the physical copy of the expanded edition would have had the 2 bonus tracks that are exclusive iTunes pre-order tracks. I really wanted a physical copy of the cd, but I wanted ALL of the new songs, so I went with iTunes. If I could afford it, I’d just get both and it wouldn’t matter, but I can’t. Oh well, I’ll come across some money eventually, right! :)

  5. spikedylacid

    yhyh i pre-order it from amazon becoz i need a physical copy. Some how it feels disrespectful to dwnload from i-tunes

  6. rhia

    yess thanks Angela, that’s flippin amazing :D
    and DREW which side of the crowd were you on at the concert in SF? :] i was on the right side, basically in the front row since there was only one little lady in front of me, directly below where Pat kept standing and in perfect view of Jared…. that show was intense. ^-^ i really love the new songs but i was surprised that my favorite song they did that night was All Around Me. i dunno, just something about the way it got to me that night. Lacey looked into my eyes when she was talking about Arise!!!!!!! i was like “O.O *listens in awe*” ..only like 3 of us did the “NOW” scream in BB.
    i must watch The Epic Return now. only like 6 more days for the album!!!

  7. Drew

    Rhia, I must have been right behind you, because I was on that side too! O_O I was maybe in the third or fourth row back on the right side…creeeepyyyyy. I screamed NOW by the way, hahahaha. Oh, I don’t know if you remember, but I was the one who yelled “WE LOVE YOUUU!” when she was talking about Arise lol.

  8. rhia

    i knew someone near me did the NOW because i forgot the first one so it reminded me for the next one. :D were you the blonde guy that came with the girls or the asian guy that had that awesome flyleaf shirt on? or someone else completely ? i remember faces very well, so i still have a good idea of what everyone looked like in that room lol ^-^ i’m glad the place wasn’t totally packed though… i doo remember someone shouting that haha :} i was the girl with red+brown hair wearing an old flyleaf t-shirt & patches on her skirt that said Memento Mori with the old Flyleaf logo that kept her hands up almost the entire time and was crying throughout Circle x.x ….don’t you wish you had gone to the L.A. concert too? it seemed like they were performing for a very short time, but maybe that’s so Lacey’s voice is not harmed again.

  9. lindy

    is it possible that the viruses on my computer are coming from this site?? i’ve been trying to figure out where i’ve been getting them…

  10. rhia

    yeah completely incredible :D i liked Paper Tongue’s performance a lot too. i only knew the words to their last song “Everybody” because i watched the video where Lacey sung it with them live over and over when it was first posted :P her voice sounds so amazing now! i think it’s better than before it was hurt. it’s also just more matured, but her singing style changed a bit too..


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